Modern journalists should be expected to learn and understand digital journalistic techniques because everything is turning digital. Society uses their phones, lap tops and iPads all day long, so it is important for journalists to also follow along with the current trends. In today’s society, it is almost a requirement to use these technological advances. It is a time for growth and journalists need to keep up with that growth.

Society has gone away from the traditional newspaper for example, and now everything is digital. People receive most of their news from online now as well instead of receiving it from the traditional television or newspapers. If most of society is moving away from traditional uses, journalists need to also.

It’s understandable for journalists to not want to move with the rest of society because they may enjoy doing more traditional forms of media. However, journalists are important in society, and people look up to journalists and look to them for certain information.

It could be difficult for journalists to not follow the trends because everything is moving towards digital already. For example, there are no more VCR’s because everything has moved to DVD’s. Eventually, DVD’s will not exist anymore and people will have to adjust to a new form. Society evolves and constantly changes, so it is important for people to evolve and change with it.

Change is inevitable in all situations of life. Journalists should embrace the digital advances and use them to their advantage, such as blog posts. If journalists want to keep some of the traditional forms of media, it is understandable, and they should do what makes them feel most comfortable. It would be nice for them to do a mix of both digital and traditional in order to keep both and make everyone happy. Regardless of the technological advantages, journalists should do what is best for their readers.