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My Class Experience


I have learned a great deal about social media, blogging and best practices. This has also opened my eyes to many things that I was not aware of. Since this is my last class before graduation, it has been a little difficult managing this and a full time job. The only reason I kept this class was because of how interesting it was. This class not only teaches, but also provides opportunities for creativity and fun.

This class is great for all students, however, I think this class would be better as a required freshman/sophomore class. In the advertising industry, it is necessary for people to have social media and blogging knowledge. They do not need to know everything about it, but they need to know the basics. This class teaches the necessary and basic tools one needs for the advertising industry. As someone that currently works in the industry, I believe a lot of this class has helped me learn more in my industry.

One of the best tools in this class is wordpress. Learning how to learn wordpress is a huge advantage for anyone going into the advertising industry. For example, I use wordpress on a regular basis at my job and help manage various websites. For students graduating and planning to work at an advertising agency, it is especially important to learn how to use wordpress. WordPress can be complicated and confusing, but this class teaches the necessary basics.

This class is a great option for people wanting to learn more about social media. This class incorporates social media into every module, and that is what makes it fun. As millennials, we are constantly on our phones and on social media. Social media is very important in today’s society, and that is why it is so necessary to practice. This class allows us to learn more about social media and expand our horizons. This class was somewhat difficult with widgets and specific wordpress tools, however, they are very important tools to know. This class helped me in many ways, and I would encourage everyone else to take it.

Why is Local Politics So Important?


Most students do not know the great importance of local politics. It took me awhile to understand this concept as well. It is normal for students to pay most attention to national news, because that news is much bigger and sometimes has great affects. However, local politics can have almost the same great affects. Local news may not happen as fast as national news does, but it is still very important.

For example, there are some local issues that can have great impact on student’s futures. It is especially important for students to pay attention to local politics if they are wanting to stay living in Las Vegas. Taxes, community issues, traffic issues, etc., are all very important issues because it has a bigger impact down the road. Most students do not think about taxes right now, for example, because it is not an immediate issue for them. National news stories such as terrorist attacks, presidential candidates, etc., are more important sounding, but it doesn’t mean local news is not as important as national news.

Local news also has great importance because it can tell us what is going on in our community. For example, it is important to know if your neighborhood is all of the sudden receiving numerous breaks ins. It is also important to know if your community is increasing in crime rates. These are big issues that can have an even bigger impact down the road. For example, students will need to find a place to live following graduation and communities can change over the years. Some communities may be really nice for a few years and then not so nice upon graduation. Without local news, locals would have no idea this is happening. Las Vegas has many other important issues such as the drought. This issue is slow, but it could get a lot worse without many people paying attention to it.

Local politicians also have different agendas and these agendas can impact Las Vegas in different ways. As students, we need to be informed about their issues and see what issues we find important as well. Politicians are very different and local politics is a lot different than national politics. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to both national and local. It is interesting to compare both local and national and see what impacts us the most. National issues can soon have local affects as well. For example, the issue of abortion and same-sex marriage has greatly impacted both national and local. Local politicians may have different thoughts than national politicians. These issues impact local areas and the entire country.

Local issues are important to follow, because they can soon have national impacts. It is important for students to look at all issues overall and look at the different sides of all issues. Without local politics, we would not know the issues affecting our areas. Upon graduation, it is necessary to be following currently politics so that we can make better and more informed decisions.

How Should You Use Your Social Media?


Since social media is so prevalent in today’s society, it is important to know best practices, ways to monitor and how to post. It is important to think about how we use our own social media, so we can better manage all of our accounts and accounts we may manage in the future. There are many ways to monitor social media accounts and how to post. For example, there are many outlets one can use to effectively monitor social media accounts, as well as how to schedule posts.

Many ad agencies, as well as companies, use specific outlets to help monitor and schedule their posts. For example, there are two great outlets to use for monitoring and scheduling, which are Hootsuite and Sprout Social. These outlets also allow you to manage multiple accounts at once. These outlets are best for companies, agencies or someone that is managing multiple different accounts. These outlets make it easy to manage multiple things at once. For example, you can schedule out multiple posts. If you want to schedule an entire month’s worth of posts, you can do that. Or, if you want to schedule one post for tomorrow, you can do that as well. You can also easily monitor the accounts, because all notifications for all accounts appear on the one outlet.

It is easy to get caught up in social media and forget about the best practices. Learning how to effectively manage and monitor accounts is crucial, especially if you use social media for professional reasons. Regardless of age or profession, it is important to always look at our social media accounts as professional reflections of who we are. Anyone in the world can look at these accounts whenever they want to. Hootsuite and Sprout Social makes it easy to manage your various accounts, so you do not forget anything. Lastly, it is important to constantly monitor comments and tagged posts throughout the day to ensure everything you want on your social media is correct.

Watch my Youtube video to learn more about best practices of social media.

How to be Green and Beautiful

Everyone talks about Las Vegas as a hot, dry place with nothing but the Strip. However, Las Vegas has a lot more nature to offer than most think. It is hard to find much nature because it is so dry here, and it is even harder to find something as simple as flowers. Most of Las Vegas consists of rock landscaping today as well. Most people have removed their grass lawns in exchange for a rock landscape which helps our drought. However, there are still ways to stay green and have beautiful landscapes at the same time.

These photos taken in the Flickr gallery are examples of ways Vegas locals can decorate their yards and still keep water conserving as a major priority. Water conserving is more important than most people think. Water is increasingly decreasing because of Lake Mead and people are now starting to worry that this could impact Las Vegas in a big way. It is important that all Las Vegas locals do their part in conserving water. This includes changing some landscape to rocks (not meaning all the landscape), turning off the water when not in use, turning off the sprinkles when it’s not needed, taking short showers, laundry, etc.

There are even more ways locals can conserve water in Las Vegas but the above ideas are a good start.


Learning how to be green and decorate your yard with grass/flowers can be difficult for some, however, it is relatively easy. I wrote this article because I noticed beautiful flowers around my neighborhood and rock landscapes. It seems people are doing a mixture of both. It is important to keep Las Vegas beautiful with our neighborhood landscapes, so visitors and other locals can see nature in Las Vegas. Flowers are easy to water and do not take much work.


In order to successfully complete this assignment, I had to go around my entire neighborhood and take photos of different yards/flowers. It was important for me to get a mix of yards such as one with a couple flowers or one with a big plant of flowers. Transparency is crucial. I also used my sister’s digital camera which is a Sony Cyber-Shot 8.1 Mp. I took some photos on my new iPhone as well, and it was fun working with different cameras and different lighting. This was a great blog assignment, because it allowed me to think about an issue a lot of people deal. Yard landscaping is important, and it is also very important in Las Vegas to save water. Luckily, you can now do both.

Social Media: Should Journalists Do It?


Twitter and Facebook is extremely important for journalists. In today’s society, most everyone is on some sort of digital social platform whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Journalists have to use these tools to their advantage in order to get their messages out into the world.

Journalists can gain thousands of followers on these various platforms. This is helpful to the journalists and helpful to their audience. These platforms give journalists an easier way to communicate with their audience and get their ideas out into the world faster.

There are definitely some hazards that can come with using social media professionally, just like there are hazards with using social media in general. It is important to note that whatever is on the internet is for anyone to see. It is also very hard to get rid of anything once it is posted online. Journalists have to be very smart when it comes to using social media professionally. There are ways it can go wrong, for example, if they post something they shouldn’t have, everyone has already seen it and it could never go away. Social media can easily help a journalist’s career but can also ruin it if not done properly.

Many journalists tweet or post their blog posts, for example. This is a good way to get information out fast, so their audience knows what they are doing. It is also a way to communicate with their audience in an easier way. Many journalists tweet or post back to their audience in order to engage more. Engagement is huge for a company or journalist. It is important to always engage with your audience.

Some best practices journalists should begin using is to always stay consistent. It is important that audiences know who they are following and what material they are going to receive from that person. People follow journalists for certain reasons. It is important to stay with their target audience and communicate directly with them to know and understand what type of material they want.

Journalists have the opportunity to increase their audience and communicate to a bigger audience by using these social media outlets. When it is done correctly, journalists can have thousands of followers and receive high amounts of engagement on all social media outlets. It is important that journalists learn how to use these outlets to the best of their ability in order to communicate the right way to their audience.

Issues in Digital Journalism

Modern journalists should be expected to learn and understand digital journalistic techniques because everything is turning digital. Society uses their phones, lap tops and iPads all day long, so it is important for journalists to also follow along with the current trends. In today’s society, it is almost a requirement to use these technological advances. It is a time for growth and journalists need to keep up with that growth.

Society has gone away from the traditional newspaper for example, and now everything is digital. People receive most of their news from online now as well instead of receiving it from the traditional television or newspapers. If most of society is moving away from traditional uses, journalists need to also.

It’s understandable for journalists to not want to move with the rest of society because they may enjoy doing more traditional forms of media. However, journalists are important in society, and people look up to journalists and look to them for certain information.

It could be difficult for journalists to not follow the trends because everything is moving towards digital already. For example, there are no more VCR’s because everything has moved to DVD’s. Eventually, DVD’s will not exist anymore and people will have to adjust to a new form. Society evolves and constantly changes, so it is important for people to evolve and change with it.

Change is inevitable in all situations of life. Journalists should embrace the digital advances and use them to their advantage, such as blog posts. If journalists want to keep some of the traditional forms of media, it is understandable, and they should do what makes them feel most comfortable. It would be nice for them to do a mix of both digital and traditional in order to keep both and make everyone happy. Regardless of the technological advantages, journalists should do what is best for their readers.