Most students do not know the great importance of local politics. It took me awhile to understand this concept as well. It is normal for students to pay most attention to national news, because that news is much bigger and sometimes has great affects. However, local politics can have almost the same great affects. Local news may not happen as fast as national news does, but it is still very important.

For example, there are some local issues that can have great impact on student’s futures. It is especially important for students to pay attention to local politics if they are wanting to stay living in Las Vegas. Taxes, community issues, traffic issues, etc., are all very important issues because it has a bigger impact down the road. Most students do not think about taxes right now, for example, because it is not an immediate issue for them. National news stories such as terrorist attacks, presidential candidates, etc., are more important sounding, but it doesn’t mean local news is not as important as national news.

Local news also has great importance because it can tell us what is going on in our community. For example, it is important to know if your neighborhood is all of the sudden receiving numerous breaks ins. It is also important to know if your community is increasing in crime rates. These are big issues that can have an even bigger impact down the road. For example, students will need to find a place to live following graduation and communities can change over the years. Some communities may be really nice for a few years and then not so nice upon graduation. Without local news, locals would have no idea this is happening. Las Vegas has many other important issues such as the drought. This issue is slow, but it could get a lot worse without many people paying attention to it.

Local politicians also have different agendas and these agendas can impact Las Vegas in different ways. As students, we need to be informed about their issues and see what issues we find important as well. Politicians are very different and local politics is a lot different than national politics. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to both national and local. It is interesting to compare both local and national and see what impacts us the most. National issues can soon have local affects as well. For example, the issue of abortion and same-sex marriage has greatly impacted both national and local. Local politicians may have different thoughts than national politicians. These issues impact local areas and the entire country.

Local issues are important to follow, because they can soon have national impacts. It is important for students to look at all issues overall and look at the different sides of all issues. Without local politics, we would not know the issues affecting our areas. Upon graduation, it is necessary to be following currently politics so that we can make better and more informed decisions.

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