Everyone talks about Las Vegas as a hot, dry place with nothing but the Strip. However, Las Vegas has a lot more nature to offer than most think. It is hard to find much nature because it is so dry here, and it is even harder to find something as simple as flowers. Most of Las Vegas consists of rock landscaping today as well. Most people have removed their grass lawns in exchange for a rock landscape which helps our drought. However, there are still ways to stay green and have beautiful landscapes at the same time.

These photos taken in the Flickr gallery are examples of ways Vegas locals can decorate their yards and still keep water conserving as a major priority. Water conserving is more important than most people think. Water is increasingly decreasing because of Lake Mead and people are now starting to worry that this could impact Las Vegas in a big way. It is important that all Las Vegas locals do their part in conserving water. This includes changing some landscape to rocks (not meaning all the landscape), turning off the water when not in use, turning off the sprinkles when it’s not needed, taking short showers, laundry, etc.

There are even more ways locals can conserve water in Las Vegas but the above ideas are a good start.


Learning how to be green and decorate your yard with grass/flowers can be difficult for some, however, it is relatively easy. I wrote this article because I noticed beautiful flowers around my neighborhood and rock landscapes. It seems people are doing a mixture of both. It is important to keep Las Vegas beautiful with our neighborhood landscapes, so visitors and other locals can see nature in Las Vegas. Flowers are easy to water and do not take much work.


In order to successfully complete this assignment, I had to go around my entire neighborhood and take photos of different yards/flowers. It was important for me to get a mix of yards such as one with a couple flowers or one with a big plant of flowers. Transparency is crucial. I also used my sister’s digital camera which is a Sony Cyber-Shot 8.1 Mp. I took some photos on my new iPhone as well, and it was fun working with different cameras and different lighting. This was a great blog assignment, because it allowed me to think about an issue a lot of people deal. Yard landscaping is important, and it is also very important in Las Vegas to save water. Luckily, you can now do both.

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