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Farewell For Now


There are many technique and strategies that I learned in this short five-week period. Online courses can be intimidating and they are usually very dull and boring. Most people take these quick courses to get certain classes out of the way so that they can advance in their degree. This class was very different for me, I actually learned a lot.

Be Daring.

After reading many other classmates blogs and ideas, I realized how many other amazing interests my classmates had, interests that I would have never thought they possessed. They were not afraid to share thoughts, concerns, and interests.

Be Professional.

No matter what the topic was, whether it was hard hitting, or soft, my classmates kept everything that they wrote and posted very professional. Usually you find a couple students here and there that do not exactly follow the criteria. Every blog that I had the privilege to read was so concise and intriguing.

Be You.

The most important lesson that I learned this semester was to be yourself in your writing. It comes across much more fluid and honest when you do so. No, that was not necessarily a textbook definition, but everyone that posted made me feel as if I could post about things that really mattered to me.

This class was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about myself as a writer, and saw the things that I needed to do better in. As I said before in a previous blog, I used to be the “Myspace Queen” when it came to creating websites and with this course I did struggle getting to know my way around blogs and other foreign websites. I do look forward into learning more about the art of blogging and I just might have to start my own personal blog as well as shaping my professional blog as well.


A special thank you to the rest of my classmates and professor for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and passions. I feel as if we all continued to do things like that we could shape Las Vegas and UNLV into something great!

Orange is the New State Flower


Many Las Vegas locals know construction cones as the, Nevada State Flower, and understandable so. These cones seem to bloom all year long and it seems as if the construction in Las Vegas is never ending no matter what side of town you are on. Whether there is construction going on in front of a high school, on the surface streets, freeways, or the university, you can be sure to be very annoyed and curious about exactly why it is going on. Sometimes, after all of the orange cones are gone from one area, one is left with the pondering question, “So, what did they even do?” One may think to their selves, “Nothing has even changed,” or the worst type of thought of all, “IT IS WAY WORSE THAN IT WAS BEFORE.” Below is a picture of just that.

2016-06-22 17.18.15

There has been construction outside of my old high school for roughly four months and there is nothing to show for it. The roads are not wider, the road is not smoother, so what did they even do besides mess the road up even more? This has been an ongoing issue in the Las Vegas Valley. Family, friends, classmates, and co-workers alike have complained about the construction and the traffic that comes along with it.

I have noticed a lot of construction signs and cones put out, blocking streets and sidewalks for projects that are not even started. Now I understand blocking of an area to get ready for construction, however, three weeks and no construction has yet to start? Seems a little drastic. I speak for many Las Vegas locals when I say that we can not wait for these cones to disappear, but that could just be wishful thinking.

I shot these pictures with a Canon T3i Rebel digital camera. I simply went around the Southwest side of Las Vegas and took pictures of anywhere I saw marked with the dreaded orange cone or construction sign.