Chicken, pizza, coffee, frozen yogurt, and doughnuts, just to name a few, have been the recent “trendy” foods over the past few years. There has been so much talk around these foods and the new ways to eat them. Of course all of the foods just named are not exactly healthy for you, and usually healthy things do not become popular. There has been one trend that many did not see coming. Juicing. That’s right, juicing has become a popular craze.

Juicing has been a way for people to get their daily fruits and vegetables in without physically having to eat them. As many know, juice is just the extract of fruits and vegetables. I am not talking about just orange juice or apple juice, I am talking about the combination of fruits and vegetables. However, if you are looking for fiber in your diet, you may need to get it from somewhere else. When fruits or vegetables are juiced, the pulp is left behind and the pulp is what contains the fiber.

There are many ways to get cold-pressed juice, the grocery store, juicery’s, or you can buy a juicing machine and do it yourself.

Some juicery’s that are out here in the Las Vegas include: Pressed4Juice, Pressed Juicery, and Standard Juice. All of these places have juices ranging from carrot, lemon, and ginger juices to almond, hazelnut, spinach and vanilla bean. Some of these may not sound appealing to you, however, they are in fact tasty and nutritious. All of these stores will let you try as many juices as you would like. They provide descriptions of the juices, what they contain, and how they benefit your health.

It’s really amazing to see such a healthy alternative to eating become popular and trendy. If you haven’t tried juicing you should give it a try. For the best results, try a juice cleanse. Ask the juicery closest to you about their juices and cleanses. Who knows, maybe it could replace your daily Starbucks…maybe! Check out the video below for an inside look at juicing.


2 comments on “Got Juice?”

  1. This is a really interesting topic and your video was great! I know for college students and my friends, it’s trendy to go to an organic or vegan restaurant. They should start spreading it the younger generation so that they will want to try healthy foods! I love juices, but I’m not sure if I can do a whole juice cleanse! Some of the juice places are expensive which makes me not want to do it, maybe I’ll try to make my own at home!

  2. I loved your article. I gave us an healthy alternative to the bad things we put in our body now. I’ve heard of juicing before but I thought it is something that you only do at home. Now that you showed us two places to go out here I think I will give it a try. Also your video complimented your post very well. It gave us an inside look at the juice places and makes it less intimidating by showing us that it looks like one of our favorite places, Starbucks. Great post and video.

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