I want my blog to express who I am: A very simple person, with a splash of color. Every now and then I like to spice things up but not over do it.

I have always been a minimalist and I decided to translate that to the styling of my blog. Most of my blog is black and white with no background image, but it has a splash of color at the top with my header and the links are in color as well. My header, to me, shows my simplicity. Just a good sunset, natural hair, and some ice cream is all I need.

Though my page is simplistic, it did not just simply get that way. I have always thought myself to be really good with technology and websites, and figuring things out quickly. I mean I was definitely the MySpace queen! I made layouts for all of my friend’s pages and knew how to write code to add pictures, but since easy accessible networks such as Facebook, my skills have definitely gone down. I had to Google what a widget was exactly because our instructional video sort of confused me. I even called and asked a friend who was great with computers what a widget was, but still had to search it for myself. I looked at a few websites to see the top used in WordPress to get some ideas as well.

As we go on in the semester, I am sure I will change my theme a few times while I try to figure everything out, but I do want to keep the same type of idea in mind: a modern, simplistic, vast white space blog, with emphasis on pictures. Hopefully before the end of this class I will be able to look at my blog and be completely and totally proud of my creation! Until then, I will just have to keep working…and working…and working,