Some print journalists have had a difficult time integrating traditional news gathering and reporting with newer Web 2.0 approaches such as blogging and social media. I believe that modern journalists should be expected to learn and use digital techniques, however, I do not feel as if they need to be required. If journalists are not able to adapt to these new techniques, it has to be understood if job opportunities and readers overlook them.

Though I do believe that modern journalists should be expected to use these new digital techniques, I also believe that blogging is not the most important part, nor should it be a requirement. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are most important for professional purposes. Being able to professionally and formally interact with readers is very important in this digital age. Before being able to interact digitally, readers would write letters or make phone calls to journalists to express their concerns or opinions regarding their columns or articles. With the way that modern technology is used, one cannot expect to have a huge readership without having an online presence.

When it comes to blogging, it should be more informal and conversational. Those types of blogs are the ones that are shown to be most popular and relatable. Blogs should be more for personal interests, whereas columns should be published in a paper or magazine. Blogs are also not as reliable as a column that would be seen in the “Wall Street Journal”. Some writers are not good at informal and conversational techniques, but they flourish in formal and academic writing.

I believe to be a well-known and popular journalist you need to have an online presence. Blogging could assist in your personal endeavors and interests and other social media’s could assist in your professional endeavors. Regardless, knowing or being familiar with how the new Web 2.0 and traditional ways integrate is useful for modern journalists.





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  1. Hi Teena,
    I definitely agree that journalists need to have an online presence. It is something that I touched in my blog as well. Staying relevant in today’s society is very important. Especially since our generation is so involved in technology, and we are the ones that are “taking over.” Do you think that some journalists are not comfortable with all the new expectations to be involved online because of the generation they are from?
    I also agree with you that blogs seem to be a bit more casual than newspapers or other traditional media. It seems that blogs like Buzzfeed and others are so popular now that people are getting a lot of their information from them.

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