Wild Meets Tame


Much like any other blog, mine represents some of my thoughts in a clear way. My mind runs a mile a minute and this theme allows my blog to be a little be calmer and more focused. This is what I want my blog to convey, something happy and light, but also calming. The white space allows for my blog posts to be the center of attention. The white and soft pink allows my readers to feel calm as they view my blog. I also chose to create my own logo and header. The header I have is just soft white wood below my blog title. I like that this adds a little bit of texture and a bit more dimension to the blog’s design. Under my title, I have created a menu that will lead readers to different pages of my blog. At the moment there are only two links listed: Main Page and About Me. However, as my blog develops, more pages will be added. This will ensure easier navigation in the future.

Scrolling through my blog, readers will see two columns. Slightly larger, the left column will show previews of recent posts. By having previews, readers are able to read a post to find out if they are interested in and want to continue reading it. This also gives the option of viewing a variety of posts in a concise way rather than having to scroll through them all. With this preview, it also hides any attached media from the main page. This allows the blog to look more uniform and a lot less cluttered. This follows my theme of peace in the midst of wild thoughts.

The right column shows the different topics that my blog will talk about. This column also includes recent comments from other readers. Check out the most recent discussion. I chose this function as it will allow my readers to get involved with discussions and create a better sense of community. I really want my readers to engage with each other. Sometimes people gloss over issues that need attention. By having open forums, I can get my readers to talk about these things. With that said, discussions can be interesting and very informative. It is nice to see different sides an issue because it gives people better insight and a more open-mind about topics.

Overall, my blog’s design is meant to tame my wild thoughts. It will put those thoughts into something that is easily understandable. While it may look slightly boring, I like that it is constructed to look clean and professional. Every aspect of my blog is planned out and done in a specific way for a specific reason. There is so much that I have put into this blog, and it is only the beginning. While I may update it in the future, this is the start. And if readers don’t feel like getting into any discussions they can just sit back, relax, and enjoy my thoughts

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  1. Thoughtful reflection on your blog design, Samantha.

    I’m a big fan of minimalism, and the cleanness of your blog really pulled me in. I think it’s awesome that you created your own header and logo because those things stuck out to me more than anything else. Really like the wood texture because as you said, it does add dimension.

    It sounds like you’re very conscious of what colors complement each other and how important the mood is for a blog. It’s an area I’m still working on, but this post gives me motivation!

  2. I think that it is great that you created your own header and logo. Your page is both professional but peaceful. I like the white spaces because it helps you stay focused on the text. There isn’t any gimmicks it’s all about your ideas and what is being said.

  3. As everyone commented, I also love that you created your own header and logo. It’s simple, yet effective, especially with the use of your initials. I really like that you incorporated the “tame your wild thoughts” idea into your blog design. If you have a lot to say, it’s better that the words are the focus instead of the design elements. Your theme will probably be a great contrast to the words you have to say and that shows dimension!

  4. I love how simple your theme is and I think it definitely conveys a sense of calmness while still being interesting. Despite the minimalism, there isn’t too much white space; rather, it serves to make your posts pop out as you intended. And, like others have already said, it’s great that you customized your banner to truly reflect who you are.

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