3 reasons why you need to make Cancun your next travel destination

The Resorts
Cancun is full of beautiful resorts to stay at. They line the beaches, and are filled with tourists from around the world. Not only are these resorts right on the beautiful beaches, but they also have multiple pools throughout the property. If you would rather relax by the pool, and not have to worry about getting sand everywhere, there is always that option. The nice thing about a lot of the resorts is the option to do all-inclusive. Depending on your budget, and how much you plan to eat and drink, this can be a great way to get the most out of your vacation.

cancun 9

The Beaches
The sun, the sand, the warm ocean water, what more can you really ask for? Cancun has beautiful white sand beaches, and clear blue water. After taking a nice dip in the pool, walk right onto the beach and enjoy all the fun activities that Cancun has to offer. Relax in a chair sipping a pina colada, dig a giant hole and then build a sandcastle, ride the waves on a boogie board, or be adventurous and go parasailing above the water, but whatever you choose there is something in Cancun for everyone to enjoy.

The Adventure
In Cancun there is so many different things to do off the resorts. You can swim with dolphins, go scuba diving or go on a jungle tour, just to name a few. There are a variety of parks to go to that offer different experiences. Xplcancun 7or has zip lining, a river swim, amphibious cars, and rafting. Xel-Ha has a river float, snorkeling, boating, and much more. There are also tons of other activities to do at a variety of parks that can fit every price range.

An important thing to remember when taking a vacation, no matter where you go, is to always take pictures. Whether it is from a Canon camera or just using an iPhone 6 like I did, document all the memories, including the beautiful scenery. But most importantly always have fun, and embrace all the beauty and opportunities that are offered. So to go or not to go, is that even a question??

For more information about Cancun, visit the travel website here.
For more photos of the beautiful beaches visit here.

7 thoughts on “3 reasons why you need to make Cancun your next travel destination

  1. Wow, I’m putting this on my list of places to visit! Your photos are beautiful and go along perfectly with your persuasive post. Sadly I’m writing this comment from work.

  2. I have an extreme case of wanderlust fever after reading this post! You described Cancun so well, and it’s definitely on my list of places to go! I love your Flickr feed, especially the photo with the little roof huts that provide shade right by the beach. All of your photos look so relaxing and I love that you captured the person on a parachute/parasailing.

  3. Beautiful photography! Your work would not look out of place within a travel destination magazine or a Cancun brochure. You do a great job of being informative and persuasive by adding links to complement your photos. Are you interested with travel and tourism as an industry?
    You (and many of my peers) are truly talented photographers/artists, and I am feeling quite intimidated! 🙂 I love how clean and organized everything looks. The photo Cancun 8 accentuates that perfect order and symmetry. So relaxing! My only suggestion would be to title each photo something beyond “Cancun 1…2…3.”
    Are these older pictures from an earlier trip or are you vacationing there now?

  4. I love your pictures! It makes me wish I could go on vacation right now and go to the beach! I liked how you placed your pictures in your post. I also like how you made a list of reasons why we should go to Cancun. I feel like those types of articles are really popular right now. I, myself love to go on Buzzfeed and read lists articles!

  5. The pictures you took are absolutely amazing. I really like the way you ordered out everything also. This blog was so much fun to read and definitely makes me want to take a trip to cancun. I agree with your point about any vacation you take it’s important to take a lot of pictures. The beaches is one of my favorite reasons why I would visit cancun. Great blog, wish I could hear more

  6. Your photos are great! Your post also does a great job of illustrating the fun things to do in Cancun. I would love to travel there after reading your post.

  7. Like everyone else said… gorgeous photos! I like how you organized your post by sections with photos relevant to each topic listed. Your use of photos throughout encouraged me to check out your flickr page, which I think is the purpose of this post. If the photos don’t flow, aren’t interesting, and aren’t relevant to the topic, the reader will have no interest in checking out the links that go along with the article.

    The only negative comment I have is that I would have found this post more entertaining and the information more reliable if the writing came across as more of a photo essay, rather than a travel ad.

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