First Impressions Are Everything

The way a blog or webpage is set up can either make or break you because first impressions truly do matter. When I go to a webpage and it is hard to understand what is going on or hard to find anything, it gets a little frustrating and I usually give up and close the browser.

The Twenty Usability Tips article gave helpful hints on how to have a successful blog, not only in design but writing as well. It is a good checklist to go through to make sure I am on the path to success.

The Five Principles gave me some ideas on where exactly to start, and what I was looking for when creating my design. Something that I wanted to look for when I picked my design was simplicity. My overall design is simple and easy to navigate. I did not want to clutter it with a lot of pictures or text when it isn’t really needed.

I decided to pick a picture of the Las Vegas strip as my header photo because I am a Las Vegas native, and it will always be a special place to me no matter where I go. I believe that growing up in Las Vegas has helped shape me into the person I am today, and has influenced me into choosing the degree I have and wanting to get into entertainment and the music industry. I think the picture helps tell a little about me in a fun way, but also still looks professional.

While the theme I am using is mostly customizable, there are certain aspects that I am trying to figure out how to change, such as the whole post showing up on the home page. I am in the process of trying to make my home page cleaner, and adding a separate page for my posts.

Design is an important aspect to consider when wanting to create a successful blog. No matter how wonderful or amazing a webpage or blog may look, if no one knows how to navigate through it then it is essentially useless. But in the same regard, no matter how easy a blog may be to navigate, if it is unpleasant to look out no one will want to stay long.

One thought on “First Impressions Are Everything

  1. I love the header for your blog! The exciting colors of the city really balance out well with the simplicity of the body of your blog. Like the Five Principles article you provided says, simplicity is so important. Many people aren’t as tech savvy as our generation, so I think keep navigation, text, and design as simple as possible is ideal. Of course if it’s too bland people might click away, like you said at the conclusion of your post. That’s why I think your blog really works because it’s exciting, yet straightforward! I also love the image you used because it certainly rings true!

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