The more I explore the functions of WordPress, the more I learn how important each element of a blog is. Cohesiveness and functionality can make or break a blog.

Like the article Five Principles to Design By says, great design is invisible. The theme I chose is just customizable enough to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

I initially chose the theme Freak just because the name drew me in. Then when I saw the preview and customization options and thought it perfectly suited what I imagined.

I changed the main photo to something that was lighter in color than the stock photo, more inviting and relates to the message I am trying to convey. I think the mood of my theme is clean and functional but not too intimidating.

I included some photos to add color and diversity, but not so many that the page is cluttered. I also altered the background color to a light brown to match the main photo and the photo of me. I changed the color of the quote that I added to a blue match the tones in my dress.

I chose blues and brown because they’re earthy, calming colors, and that’s the kind of feel I want my blog to have. The article How Colour Theory Can Help Your Blog discusses the psychology of colour and and importance of harmony between them.

I chose a thin but legible text, which I think conveys a level of sophistication that matches the rest of my blog. I like that I could easily add my social media accounts giving my blog visitors other ways to see and contact me.

I’m sure I have a long way to go in designing my blog, but I feel like I have a good start and there are other areas of the customize tool that I plan on utilizing.

3 thoughts on “Blog themes are more important than you think

  1. Your header photo is beautiful and drew me in to exploring your blog more. I’m loving the coral, blue, and brown color scheme you created. It’s very chic and sophisticated and the white background makes the colors pop! I used to study art and design so the articles you shared were interesting and helpful for me. The icons you added for your social handles are a great touch! Great work Lawren.

  2. I chose this theme as well for almost the same reason as you, “…customizable enough to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.” I like the simplicity and color of your page. Unlike you though, the name of the theme almost drew me away. Freak is such a weird name for such a unfreaky theme. Your page is beautiful and I’m so jealous that you found how to add your social media pages, I couldn’t find the widgets.

  3. I absolutely love the theme you’ve chosen and how you have customized it. I love how it flows really well and how the navigation bar stays up as you continue to scroll down the page. I also love how you have formatted your post. It is interesting and different. Nice to see something that is not just one long paragraph after another. The way you have your social media pages connected is great, easy to find and navigate.

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