Quadruple Murder scars city #scaredforlife


Las Vegas has lost a family that could have been saved.

Jason Dej-Oudom hunted his wife to kill her then shot himself this week. He did this all within hours of killing his kids. He had quit his job just two weeks prior to this incident. http://www.reviewjournal.com/crime/homicides/family-5-dead-after-quadruple-murder-suicide-northwest-las-vegas-valley-police

Phoukeo Dej-Oudom was “scared for her life” as stated by a co-worker. Phoukeo sent a text to quit her job so that Jason would not know exactly where she was located. She feared for her life and did not want to face her cruel, abusive husband. She was seen running for her life through the apartment complex around 7 p.m. Wednesday June 29. She was screaming for help and trying to get away from Jason. No one knew what to do.

Wednesday June, 29, Jason found Phoukeo at a Walgreens at the intersection of Lake Mead and Jones where he shot her four times. He also shot their three children in their apartment which was also close by. All were killed with gunshots to the head.

Phoukeo who want by “Gayle” at work was an assistant manager at the Sport Clips Haircuts. She was a happy and outgoing basketball fan who was a nice person. She had been experiencing friction at home with her husband recently. Jason had taken her three children to Ohio without her permission. He did come back with them but that was the last straw for her and she filed for divorce.

Filing for divorce, it seems, was the last straw for her husband. She was having so much trouble at home that it affected her work. She was missing shifts and having to explain herself many times for her actions. Her work understood but it was unlike her to act in this way. She did bring her children into work every so often. They were good kids.

Phoukeo did stay at a women’s shelter and move on with her life yet she was deathly afraid of her soon to be ex. She feared that he would hurt her. She did file for a restraining order with the family court but it was denied.

When Phoukeo did quit her job, her co-workers kept on supporting her anyway they could. She was having a hard time getting on with her life.

Her co-workers are still grieving her loss. The couple was a quiet one and no one saw this going the way it did. Officers had come out to the apartment complex before on domestic violence calls before in earlier June.  Jason also had charges against him in Ohio.

There was a vigil on Friday night with about 100 people attending at the Walgreens where Phoukeo took her last breath on earth. There is a  GoFundMe for the family’s funeral expenses. There will be services next week with the family in Ohio working with Phoukeo’s c0-workers to plan it.

This was unexpected tragedy that has affected Las Vegas. No one should fear for their lives as Phoukeo did and end up losing their whole family. We need to, as a community, keep diligent and help others who are in need.


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  1. I applaud you for taking on a heavier story. Most of the stories I have read so far are about lighter topics here in Las Vegas. This is really hard hitting and breaking news. Sometimes I myself, am afraid of writing stories about such dark topics. But it has to be done. Great job including outside sources to further read about the story. The photo at the top just makes me even more sympathetic of the situation. The only thing that I would say is to link the Review Journal article in another way than just inserted into the post. I think it’ll make the post more professional looking overall. Other than that, I really did like this article. Amazing job!

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