Terrorism at Home; Let’s be aware Vegas!

Las Vegas and ISIS should not be in the same sentence yet it is now. ISIS made a threat against Las Vegas through a picture of the strip. The Las Vegas strip has more security and is on guard due to this security threat. In a ISIS produced video, Las Vegas is highlighted along side San Francisco. ISIS also gave the Orlando nightclub shooter props for killing many people at the Orlando nightclub. Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, was a coward who shot people for no reason other than to kill people. Terrorism is real and we need to be a nation who is paying attention to what happens around them. This video is horribly terrifying. Las Vegas is my home and I will protect it with my life. As an American, I know that we need to be safe and know our surroundings well. ISIS threats against America have heightened security measures in airports everywhere.


This video was believed to be released by militants in Mosul, Iraq. This footage was supposedly filmed on the streets of the west coast cities. It could have been photoshopped together from photos on the internet. Yet, the chance for the attack is still high.

ISIS praised the Orlando nightclub shooter. The shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call as he attacked people within the club. This killer should not have hurt others the way he did. Terroristic acts should not happen anywhere.

Las Vegas airports will be on high security alert. Travelers will need to be on watch for anything suspicious. Since ISIS has put Vegas on alert, every traveler needs to be vigilant while traveling during the July 4th holiday. Since more people are traveling during this July 4th weekend, they need to be aware of their surroundings, packages that are left alone, anyone who seems suspicious, and travelers need to report anything that seems out of the norm.




3 thoughts on “Terrorism at Home; Let’s be aware Vegas!”

  1. Hey Lauren,
    Thanks for posting this and bringing awareness to this increasingly important issue.
    When I saw that video I was frightened, and hadn’t even though of the additional threat with the holiday weekend coming up.
    Your post and podcast are timely and relevant.

  2. I like that you have a topical and serious topic regarding the Vegas area. I work on the strip so it’s hard not to be a tad paranoid. I appreciate that you ended with tips about suspicious situations and how to report them. People might not know the kinds of odd behavior to be on the look out for so this could be extremely helpful as tourists flood the strip for the holiday weekend.

  3. This is actually something that I’ve been afraid of for a while because Vegas is such a big tourist spot and if ISIS decided to attack it, many other cities would be impacted. I’m really impressed that you covered this controversial topic. You addressed something a lot of people are afraid to talk about. Good job!

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