UNLV’s women’s tennis team needs your support! #theyarehot

UNLV Women’s Tennis Team won their Conference

Amazingly, you have not seen many ads or publicity for the UNLV Women’s Tennis Team. They are ranked at 68 in the nation and are (21-1). They are on fire this year. They have had an impressive season that went into overdrive for the Mountain West championship. It was happened last month at Colorado State yet where’s the fan fare?

These Lady Rebels had a season that included a program-record 19 straight wins before losing at No. 41 Fresno State. They also beat San Diego State 4-1  to close out their best regular season in school history. They went on to win the Mountain West Championship! How amazing is that? But who actually knows?

This UNLV women’s team were tested by No. 52 New Mexico. The team this year was led by Carol Zi Yang, Aiwen Zhu, Paola Artiga, Anna Bogoslavets and Iren Kotseva. These athletic ladies worked hard to bring home title after title for UNLV. We should be hosting them up on our shoulders. Carol Zi Yang is 21-4 in singles, where she’s ranked No. 102 in the nation. What an accomplishment! Yang and fellow Chinese native Aiwen Zhu are ranked No. 74 in doubles. They’re 16-5 together. Aiwen Zhu is 22-9 in singles. She’s a force to be reckoned with on her own. Paolo Artiga is 29-6 in singles. She also partners with Iren Kotseva  and is 18-2 in doubles. She is also is 13-1 in singles. Anna Bogoslavets is 21-1 in singles.

What an impressive accomplishment for these young women! The news seems to forget that UNLV doesn’t just have a basketball and football program but lots of diverse sporting events. There should be more fanfare and support for these teams yet they are not getting the right media coverage. Don’t forget that UNLV has other teams that do well in their respective sports. UNLV women’s tennis team is just one among the many. They need to be congratulated more for their wins!

3 thoughts on “UNLV’s women’s tennis team needs your support! #theyarehot”

  1. Hey Lauren,
    Great job on your video, I can tell that you put a lot of effort into it! It’s amazing that you’re showing the women’s tennis team so much support by giving them this exposure, I’m sure the team appreciates it. I also liked how you included a reminder about how the local media should should spend more time covering UNLV sports like tennis instead of the usual football and basketball. I agree that the other programs tend to take a back seat while the football and basketball teams are given a great deal of exposure.

  2. As soon as I started reading about the tennis team, I reminisced to JOUR 202! I really enjoyed how well you wrote this post and gave kudos to the UNLV Women’s Tennis team – they definitely deserved it! Your video was composed in very nice shots. 🙂

  3. I like this feature that you did on the UNLV tennis team. I feel like this is something that could be published even in the Rebel Yell or Virtual Rebel. The fact that your video is well made makes it an even better multimedia story. I always find feature and profile stories to be very interesting because I can learn more in depth about something or someone that I did not know much about before. I really like your writing style as well. Great job.

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