Journalists need more #socialmediababy!

Social media

Social media is not just a fun place to visit. It is a professional writer’s dream! Journalists can update followers and connect with their readers quickly and easily through Twitter and Facebook. Twitter can reach so many through concisely written tweets. Utilizing only 140 characters is a great challenge and feat. It allows for more accurate reporting with as much finesse as possible. Facebook can allow for some personality of the writer while still giving the writer a professional tone and look. Social media is a rough diamond that a journalist can learn to polish into a diamond by finding what works for their audience.

According to Business Insider, Journalists should put this idea into their use of social media, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And you should obsess about getting to the finish line in the marathon, not about each “beating expectations” with each individual mile-time.” Use social media and see what happens but do it responsibly. Many journalists fear that they can overstep their boundaries or lose their jobs yet they do not try to use this free source of media. It’s amazing to see what it can do. Social media allows for many followers to know your social media presence. If you tweet or post well, that can lead to new followers and more successful reporting. To be a top social media journalist, one has to try to engage their audience. Post. Tweet. See what happens!

Journalists should be required to learn how to make social media work for them. Post relevant, factual stories and engage your audience. Posts and tweets should be appropriate and professional. They can have personality but report the story well. It’s a balance of personal and professional that helps to connect to a larger audience base. It’s not just about the event either. A journalist can do their job while making a difference in their audience’s life.

We live in a new world and its time for #socialmedia to explode for young and old journalists who are ready to take it head on.



2 thoughts on “Journalists need more #socialmediababy!”

  1. I really appreciated your enthusiasm in this post. While you did mention an article talking about journalists using social media, I would have liked an example of someone who you consider to be a top social media journalist. I loved the incorporation of a hashtag in your article as well, it makes a good tag for the post.

  2. I love the quote from Business Insider and I totally agree! Journalists shouldn’t be afraid to use social media. They should take advantage of this great opportunity to get their word out their faster and gain more followers! The one thing that I love about Twitter is that you can track your posts and see how many people read or engaging in. Also you can keep track of who is following you and its all FREE! I agree that learning social media is required because it is the new wave!

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