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My theme is the opposite of me. I am OCD and need calm so I have chosen a theme that makes me feel calm when I open it. It is upbeat and happy with vibrant colors that scream happiness. The tone is light-hearted and fun. There is still some white space because I feel that it’s easier to read in black and white. I know many people with disabilities that would agree. I have used colors that are not too bossy or pushy. I like the fact that they are muted. My color scheme is red, yellow and orange.


I have chosen to use Stitch as part of my theme because he is my spirit animal. He is muted in color and fun to look at on the screen. He should bring a smile to anyone who reads my blog. I love Disney and he calls to my person. I am not a big, bright, colorful person so he made sense as my theme. This is part of my personality that I couldn’t keep out.

I like modern things so I keep everything pretty clean and white. I’m no nonsense that way. I have two columns right now and I don’t want anymore. I think the page gets cluttered and I do not work well with clutter. My type style is large and blocky to me but it works since it is easier to read. It is legible and stands out in my opinion. It does not distract from anything.  The customization available to me is limited. I can change my banner and my picture but not the larger banner that is for the class. I can change my colors and columns but I choose not to. I like to be concise and explicit with what I do. I can place images anywhere and have a style that I can manipulate a bit. I added Stitch to the page to show him off.

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