Terrorism at Home; Let’s be aware Vegas!

Las Vegas and ISIS should not be in the same sentence yet it is now. ISIS made a threat against Las Vegas through a picture of the strip. The Las Vegas strip has more security and is on guard due to this security threat. In a ISIS produced video, Las Vegas is highlighted along side San Francisco. ISIS also gave the Orlando nightclub shooter props for killing many people at the Orlando nightclub. Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, was a coward who shot people for no reason other than to kill people. Terrorism is real and we need to be a nation who is paying attention to what happens around them. This video is horribly terrifying. Las Vegas is my home and I will protect it with my life. As an American, I know that we need to be safe and know our surroundings well. ISIS threats against America have heightened security measures in airports everywhere.


This video was believed to be released by militants in Mosul, Iraq. This footage was supposedly filmed on the streets of the west coast cities. It could have been photoshopped together from photos on the internet. Yet, the chance for the attack is still high.

ISIS praised the Orlando nightclub shooter. The shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call as he attacked people within the club. This killer should not have hurt others the way he did. Terroristic acts should not happen anywhere.

Las Vegas airports will be on high security alert. Travelers will need to be on watch for anything suspicious. Since ISIS has put Vegas on alert, every traveler needs to be vigilant while traveling during the July 4th holiday. Since more people are traveling during this July 4th weekend, they need to be aware of their surroundings, packages that are left alone, anyone who seems suspicious, and travelers need to report anything that seems out of the norm.




UNLV’s women’s tennis team needs your support! #theyarehot

UNLV Women’s Tennis Team won their Conference

Amazingly, you have not seen many ads or publicity for the UNLV Women’s Tennis Team. They are ranked at 68 in the nation and are (21-1). They are on fire this year. They have had an impressive season that went into overdrive for the Mountain West championship. It was happened last month at Colorado State yet where’s the fan fare?

These Lady Rebels had a season that included a program-record 19 straight wins before losing at No. 41 Fresno State. They also beat San Diego State 4-1  to close out their best regular season in school history. They went on to win the Mountain West Championship! How amazing is that? But who actually knows?

This UNLV women’s team were tested by No. 52 New Mexico. The team this year was led by Carol Zi Yang, Aiwen Zhu, Paola Artiga, Anna Bogoslavets and Iren Kotseva. These athletic ladies worked hard to bring home title after title for UNLV. We should be hosting them up on our shoulders. Carol Zi Yang is 21-4 in singles, where she’s ranked No. 102 in the nation. What an accomplishment! Yang and fellow Chinese native Aiwen Zhu are ranked No. 74 in doubles. They’re 16-5 together. Aiwen Zhu is 22-9 in singles. She’s a force to be reckoned with on her own. Paolo Artiga is 29-6 in singles. She also partners with Iren Kotseva  and is 18-2 in doubles. She is also is 13-1 in singles. Anna Bogoslavets is 21-1 in singles.

What an impressive accomplishment for these young women! The news seems to forget that UNLV doesn’t just have a basketball and football program but lots of diverse sporting events. There should be more fanfare and support for these teams yet they are not getting the right media coverage. Don’t forget that UNLV has other teams that do well in their respective sports. UNLV women’s tennis team is just one among the many. They need to be congratulated more for their wins!

Disney’s Diamond Anniversary

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Disneyland Park opened on July 17, 1955 and is now turning 60. Who would have thought that a little Mouse could do all this? This attraction along with Disneyland Resort has been a destination for generations upon generations of families that want to meet and greet their favorite Disney characters. It’s time to make a plan to head out and hang out with your favorite character.

Starting on May 27, 2016, Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California has opened up the new show on Frozen. It’s amazing beginning to the 60th anniversary of this great park. Disneyland has transformed into a transparent and blue haven. Many of Disneyland’s classic rides are being re-imaged so that they are a new experience for those lucky riders.

Magic is in the air with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The Diamond Celebration will mesmerize and delight so don’t lose the chance to get to experience Disneyland as never before. It’s an occasion that will only come once in a lifetime and will not be done again. This place is magical and has a aura of childlike joy, excitement and awe.

Tomorrowland with be expanding due to the newest Star Wars  movie. These new titillating rides like Hyperspace Mountain, and Star Tours – The Adventures allow a close encounters with Chewbacca and Kylo Ren at Star Wars Launch Bay! It’s an once in a lifetime experience. It’s a sci-fi nerd’s dream. I couldn’t wait to check it out.

Even the evening shows are changing for this once in a lifetime event. Evening showcases like the a jaw-dropping Disneyland Forever a fireworks show along with the nighttime colorful world of  World of Color – Celebrate! There’s also many 60th anniversary-themed cocktails and desserts, souvenirs and collectibles and Downtown Disney District treats throughout Disneyland Resort for tourists and those young at heart to grab before they are gone.



Journalists need more #socialmediababy!

Social media

Social media is not just a fun place to visit. It is a professional writer’s dream! Journalists can update followers and connect with their readers quickly and easily through Twitter and Facebook. Twitter can reach so many through concisely written tweets. Utilizing only 140 characters is a great challenge and feat. It allows for more accurate reporting with as much finesse as possible. Facebook can allow for some personality of the writer while still giving the writer a professional tone and look. Social media is a rough diamond that a journalist can learn to polish into a diamond by finding what works for their audience.

According to Business Insider, Journalists should put this idea into their use of social media, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And you should obsess about getting to the finish line in the marathon, not about each “beating expectations” with each individual mile-time.” Use social media and see what happens but do it responsibly. Many journalists fear that they can overstep their boundaries or lose their jobs yet they do not try to use this free source of media. It’s amazing to see what it can do. Social media allows for many followers to know your social media presence. If you tweet or post well, that can lead to new followers and more successful reporting. To be a top social media journalist, one has to try to engage their audience. Post. Tweet. See what happens!

Journalists should be required to learn how to make social media work for them. Post relevant, factual stories and engage your audience. Posts and tweets should be appropriate and professional. They can have personality but report the story well. It’s a balance of personal and professional that helps to connect to a larger audience base. It’s not just about the event either. A journalist can do their job while making a difference in their audience’s life.

We live in a new world and its time for #socialmedia to explode for young and old journalists who are ready to take it head on.



Blogs my style

My theme is the opposite of me. I am OCD and need calm so I have chosen a theme that makes me feel calm when I open it. It is upbeat and happy with vibrant colors that scream happiness. The tone is light-hearted and fun. There is still some white space because I feel that it’s easier to read in black and white. I know many people with disabilities that would agree. I have used colors that are not too bossy or pushy. I like the fact that they are muted. My color scheme is red, yellow and orange.


I have chosen to use Stitch as part of my theme because he is my spirit animal. He is muted in color and fun to look at on the screen. He should bring a smile to anyone who reads my blog. I love Disney and he calls to my person. I am not a big, bright, colorful person so he made sense as my theme. This is part of my personality that I couldn’t keep out.

I like modern things so I keep everything pretty clean and white. I’m no nonsense that way. I have two columns right now and I don’t want anymore. I think the page gets cluttered and I do not work well with clutter. My type style is large and blocky to me but it works since it is easier to read. It is legible and stands out in my opinion. It does not distract from anything.  The customization available to me is limited. I can change my banner and my picture but not the larger banner that is for the class. I can change my colors and columns but I choose not to. I like to be concise and explicit with what I do. I can place images anywhere and have a style that I can manipulate a bit. I added Stitch to the page to show him off.

Journalists: Please embrace the future!

Paper and Computer

Journalism, today, needs to be as exciting as social media for future generations. It’s not just about the written word on paper! Print format has changed from ink and paper to live streaming events as they are happening. Social media can be done well and branded by journalists if they take their time and know their audience.

Old formats that cry for deadlines, editing information, posting on social media as soon as possible are not what the young public wants. Writing is an important skill but it’s not enough for journalists anymore. The audience for news, today, are technologically-savvy younger individuals who want to not just read the news but experience it. They want to know their journalists and see what they are doing as they do it.

Journalists need to move from newspaper writing to blogging to get these consumers engaged. Social media sites are what these consumers want.

Newspaper columnists need to be the perfect bloggers who brand themselves well for their targeted readers! These journalists use social media just like everyone else so they need to use it as a tool for their craft. They have more access to digital information on sites like Tumblr, Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, etc that can be given to audiences. Branding our social media is hard work and takes dedication to do but it’s worth it in the end. In the Online Journalism Review’s article “Newspaper columnists ought to be the perfect bloggers. So why aren’t more doing it well?” author Robert Niles points out that journalists need get their audience in an “ongoing conversation” so that they stay interested and engaged with their writer. The RJ has not really used this strategy but our local Television channels use live events and podcasts to entice readers to watch more.

Online journalism needs to be embraced since it is the wave of the future. This medium is not utilized as much as it can be. Many journalists need to see it for their own career advancement and writing portfolio.