• I always see red bulls teams when I am in other cities, however, none compare to the teams out here. I wasn’t aware of this event and would have loved to attend. I really like the shots that you captured. Great post!

  • You are one of the very few who do not use social media for everything. That can definitely be a blessing. I do agree with your opinions of how social media is used. Short and concise is always the way to go from a professional perspective.

  • I thouthg this was such a good idea for a blog post. You did an amazing job with the filming and the written portion as well. Huge fan of your writing! Keep up the amazing work.

  • teenab wrote a new post, Farewell For Now, on the site World of Tee 1 year, 5 months ago

    There are many technique and strategies that I learned in this short five-week period. Online courses can be intimidating and they are usually very dull and boring. Most people take these quick courses to get […]

    • Thank you for being you and sharing your individual voice with us!
      It has been an honor participating in this class with you.
      Have a wonderful rest of summer!

  • The Fourth of July is finally here and you want to make sure that you stay safe on this national holiday. Las Vegas can be a fantastic place to spend such a significant holiday. There are many places that […]

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    Chicken, pizza, coffee, frozen yogurt, and doughnuts, just to name a few, have been the recent “trendy” foods over the past few years. There has been so much talk around these foods and the new ways to eat the […]

    • This is a really interesting topic and your video was great! I know for college students and my friends, it’s trendy to go to an organic or vegan restaurant. They should start spreading it the younger generation so that they will want to try healthy foods! I love juices, but I’m not sure if I can do a whole juice cleanse! Some of the juice places are expensive which makes me not want to do it, maybe I’ll try to make my own at home!

    • I loved your article. I gave us an healthy alternative to the bad things we put in our body now. I’ve heard of juicing before but I thought it is something that you only do at home. Now that you showed us two places to go out here I think I will give it a try. Also your video complimented your post very well. It gave us an inside look at the juice places and makes it less intimidating by showing us that it looks like one of our favorite places, Starbucks. Great post and video.

  • teenab commented on the post, Detox Delight, on the site Homesick Wanderlust 1 year, 5 months ago

    I loved this post! I am doing my post on something very similar. I usually detox doing a juice cleanse and then just drink regular water along with it. I have not ever actually done/made my own detox water. I love the style of it as well, it was very inviting and not so hard-hitting (which is what I love about blogging). I enjoyed it a lot!

  • I really enjoyed how you gave thorough information for people to be able to attend some local events that are being held this Fourth of July. I did not even think about the high roller being a great place to watch the fireworks. Though it would probably be way too busy for my liking and a little scary! I hope you enjoy your holiday as well, great post!


    Ill Vibe Theory, is a hip-hop and rnb station that is hosted out of Greenspun Hall on the campus of the University of Nevada Las Vegas. The show airs on Tuesday’s nights from 11 […]

    • Teena,

      You are a complete natural at podcasting. You sounded so professional. I’ve heard of Vibe Theory before from Kailyn, and one of my friends has been on the show. It’s a very cool station. Glad to see you’re giving it some love.

  • Michael,
    Thanks for the information! The skydiving at night sounds it would be an amazing show to watch. I had no idea that this was going on, I may have to go down to the strip and check it out. Great post.

  • Desiree,
    I really enjoyed your blog this week. Being a college student at any age can be stressful, and having some fun is always a good idea. I enjoyed how you gave a list of things to do outside of the normal party scene of Las Vegas. I am 24, and personally, I like to find other things to do that do not involve the strip or downtown. This…[Read more]

  • I was absolutely obsessed with your topic. I like to think that we are all nerds a the heart about something. I love Superheroes for instance! It is quite interesting that the dictionary has that definition because in the past few years it has been trendy and popular to identify with being a nerd! Great post i really enjoyed it.

  • Many Las Vegas locals know construction cones as the, Nevada State Flower, and understandable so. These cones seem to bloom all year long and it seems as if the construction in Las Vegas is never ending no m […]

    • It takes every inch of my being not to just drive down down Flamingo and take down the cones myself. Different lanes are closed every day and there isn’t a single worker in sight. It’s even worse at night when they cone it off all the way down to the bus lane and still aren’t doing any work. Tropicana is eternally under construction, the I-515 by Russell and Galleria is still under construction and now so is Russell road. Every road I take to and from work and school is coned off in some way.

    • I loved this article because I relate to it so much. It;s so funny because I was talking to a friend about this and he told me that exact saying “orange is the new state flower.” It’s crazy how much construction is being done all over Las Vegas. Even outside of the main city, southwest like you mentioned, and up north is under quite a bit at the moment. I know that for some of these areas there is construction because the county wants to expand more, but I think its getting a little out of hand. Really great story. by the way. I especially love your photo the cone and sign up close. I’m not sure why, I think I just like that it’s a cool angle.

  • Amber, I can begin to tell you how excited I am for Crash Bandicoot! I am not a huge gamer but reading this blog has made me want to start playing video games again. I agree, some screenshots from video games are very artistic. I find myself coming across them on Tumblr and not even noticing that they are animated and digitized and not actual…[Read more]

  • I have not been able to really enjoy The Linq as a local because I am usually entertaining family and friends who are visiting who want to go to other places on the strip. However, the way that you described it is spot on and made me want to go visit down there and listen to live music. Your blog post was very informative and would be great for…[Read more]

  • Kerry,

    I really enjoyed the layout of this blog. It was an easy read with the numbering and the boldness of each point. I completely agree on the points that you chose to address. Great post!

  • I always enjoy reading your blog posts. You speak to eloquently and full of energy at the same time! I do agree that social media is a double edged sword. There are good’s and bad’s depending on how you use it and most importantly the purpose of which you use it. Great post!

  • I agree, Twitter and Facebook is so important for journalists to connect with their readers. I get a lot of my news from both of these sites. I also like to interact and see how others feel about the same news. Great post, I can relate to it a lot.

  • Social media’s are great tools for journalists, in particular, Twitter and Facebook. Each of them function differently and serve different purposes, but they do have many similarities in the way that they are able […]

    • Teena,

      I definitely agree with you that FB is a big news outlet. I know a lot of people say they get breaking news from Twitter, and that’s true for me, too, but I get my daily news from Facebook.

      I pin all of the big papers and magazines as the first things to show up on my feed. I prefer this compared to getting this stuff from Twitter. Twitter’s word character limit kind of puts me off when it comes to in depth news. I want to read an excerpt from the story with a large picture and Facebook provides that for me.

    • Hi Teena!
      Great post, I like how you incorporated the two screenshots for examples! You made a lot of great points about Facebook. With the popularization of websites like Buzzfeed, Facebook has managed to stay relevant amongst other social networking sites. I have to admit that I get a lot of my news from Facebook, but a lot of times the information within the articles is not completely accurate. I think more people should be aware of this so that they do not contribute to the spreading of false information. It’s also interesting that companies can use Twitter for customer service purposes, such as your Starbucks example. It’s much easier to tweet a company when you’re unhappy with your service rather than having to call customer service and complain.

    • I think it’s both exciting and a little scary that social media is many people’s number one political news source. Given the way Facebook’s algorithm works, it can be very easy for people to only see limited points of view. Yet at the same time, this can still happen if readers choose what stories they see entirely on their own, as they may stick to sites and channels that lean toward a bias toward either end.

    • I agree with a lot of the points you made in your article. Facebook and Twitter have become hubs of news for a lot of individuals, especially those of a younger generation. Due to their popularity, a lot of the information found on these social media platforms is taken as truth. I’ve found that on sites like Facebook, one must really make sure the information read is accurate and credible. I really thought the photos you used were beneficial to the piece. Having incorporated images of both Twitter and Facebook within the article really strengthened the points you were trying to make.

    • I love the pictures that you used for this post. Having the screenshots of some of the things talked about on Twitter and Facebook really emphasize your points. I agree with your overall theme that all types of companies are utilizing social media in order to get ahead. In a digital world, that is the way to really make it. With the Internet, everything and everyone is connected. I think that the Twitter screenshot displays this perfectly. Through the complaint on Twitter, Starbucks was able to message the customer and attempt to reprimand the situation. I think that this type of things is happening across the board in a variety of services and industries. This is really great to me because I feel like it is building a better sense of community.

  • I agree with you completely. You almost can’t go wrong with this theme. It is professional, clear, clean, and concise. Also, I love your writing. It is very engaging and clear! I can’t wait to see what else you do with your blog over the next few weeks!

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