• Well, this is the moment I have been anxiously anticipating since day 1—the last day of my Interactive Media Design class and my final post (for now) on Homesick Wanderlust. I truly cannot believe how fast the ti […]

  • I have been a vegetarian for almost 10 years now and I am so glad that this lifestyle is becoming more common. I have yet to try most of these places you have recommended… I need to get on it right away! I actually learned a lot from this post and I hope that meat eaters can take something from it as well. Wonderful job!

  • This was such an informative and professional post! It should be published in the news. I wish every Las Vegas local could read this so that we can all be fully prepared for when this happens again. Flash floods are no joke. When it rains here, it certainly pours. I was on my way out of town for the weekend when this storm happened, so thanks for…[Read more]

  • Summer is in full swing here in Las Vegas, Nevada. That’s right, the (hot) dog days have arrived. What could be a better way to celebrate than with a good old fashioned BBQ? Before firing up the grill, check out […]

    • I love this post. You gave great tips and I like that you gave us tips from a professional. I like that you gave us grilling tips, alternative food tips and tips on cooking for a lot of people. Also like that you gave us “at home” alternatives. Great post and topic, perfect for the summer.

  • When? July 1, 2016, 5-11 p.m.

    Where? The Las Vegas Arts District.

    Who? Locals, visitors, foodies, artists, dancers, musicians, DJ’s, street artists, local culinary artisans, performers and […]

    • First Friday sounds awesome! It’s the perfect topic because it is happening tomorrow so it gives people who want to go a chance to check it out! You did a great job of explaining what it is. It definitely sounds fun.

    • I love First Friday! I try to make it every month I can, and almost wish it was every Friday! I like that you highlighted that there really is more to do and see than the strip. There is so much more culture to our city than our stereotypical nightlife reputation. First Friday really does bring the community together as a whole.

    • I have honestly never been to first Friday before but after reading this post it definitely makes me want to go. I love the “when, where, who” at the beginning of the post. I think it was a great idea to let people know what’s going on at the intro of the blog. I do agree that downtown Las Vegas has a lot of things to offer than what’s on the strip. I really enjoy going to the restaurants down there and the bars are always a good time. I like what first Friday stands for, diversity and creativity are both things I like to stand for. Great post, keep up the good work!

    • I used to enjoy going to First Friday often, although I haven’t been in a while. This sparked an interest for future plans of mine. I liked your insider tip at the end of the post offering a Lyft credit. This is not only smart to avoid the stress of parking, but also to defer our peers from drinking and driving. By placing the who, when and where at the beginning of the post you’ve made it easy for your readers who might be referencing this article later to find all the information they need. It was also wise to include the official flyer for this event as your featured image. Nice touch!

  • Your video was perfectly clean and straight to the point, I loved it. I have been using TinyURL for years but lately I have been using Bitly instead. I have never used Sniply before but really want to now. Thanks so much for teaching us how to use these cool sites!

  • I have lived in Vegas my whole life and now of course I’m moving to California in a month! I’m really bummed that it’s happening as soon as I leave but I can’t wait to root for my home team. Hockey is my absolute favorite sport to watch. The music on your video is a bit loud and makes it hard to hear you, but it was still a great video topic…[Read more]

  • rachelp commented on the post, Downtown Excitement, on the site The Idealist 1 year, 6 months ago

    Great post Kerry! Your photos truly captured the essence of DTLV. It has changed so much over the years and I love what they’re doing with it. Whenever I need a fun place to go with my friends I almost always go down there instead of The Strip. I think it has some of the best bars, restaurants and coffee shops this town has to offer.

  • I wish I had seen this video before I turned 21! You highlighted some great places in town with this artistic video. Great work.

  • I agree that Twitter is a more efficient reporting tool. Social media is extremely beneficial in the journalism world today, but it is important to know when to limit what you share. As college students, we are in a weird stage between being a kid and being a professional. It can be hard to remember that everything we post is a representation of…[Read more]

  • Your video was filmed so professionally, very impressive! Lighting is indeed the most important part of a good Instagram pic. I use an app called Afterlight for editing my photos, but I want to download VSCO Cam now. Thanks for the tips!

  • With temperatures rising well over 100 degrees in the Las Vegas Valley, it’s important to drink LOTS of H2O. If you think plain water tastes boring, making infused water can be a healthy and delicious solut […]

    • I absolutely love your post! I actually just made infused water last week also, except I used lemons, lime, and oranges! I’ll have to try your recipe. I think this is so creative because even though it’s a fun DIY project, it still totally ties in to how it can be useful for locals, especially during the dreadful weather! Great job!! Looking forward to your next post.

    • I loved this post! I am doing my post on something very similar. I usually detox doing a juice cleanse and then just drink regular water along with it. I have not ever actually done/made my own detox water. I love the style of it as well, it was very inviting and not so hard-hitting (which is what I love about blogging). I enjoyed it a lot!

  • Very creative of you to cover a place outside of The Strip! I don’t make it out to Green Valley too often but I will have to come here next time I go shopping. It reminds me a lot of Downtown Summerlin. Vegas offers some of the best shopping centers I have ever seen and this post truly depicts that.

  • I’ve lived in Las Vegas my whole life and had no idea you could actually swim with sharks there! Thanks for the info, I will have to go check it out; I haven’t been since I was in elementary school. I studied marine biology for a bit so this is definitely something I would be interested in. It’s always been funny to me that such an amazing…[Read more]

  • Wow, I’m putting this on my list of places to visit! Your photos are beautiful and go along perfectly with your persuasive post. Sadly I’m writing this comment from work.

  • Since 1995, The Neon Museum has collected signs dating back to the 1930s for historical, educational and artistic purposes. If you think Las Vegas is too new of a city to have any culture, think again! The […]

    • Rachel,

      I’m really impressed with your photos. Night photography certainly suits this place. I’ve been meaning to go here because I don’t live far, but I never get the chance.

      I think it’s important to see things like this. I mean, the Neon Museum doesn’t have to be a keeper of our Vegas history but it is and that’s commendable.

    • I have never been to The Neon Museum…and had no real interest in going. Until I saw these pictures, that is. I actually really love classic Vegas, back when it was gaudy and over-the-top. I often find myself thinking that the hotels these days are too…posh and refined, and like Vegas has lost its way in an attempt to look sleek and cosmopolitan. The big sky rises are not as interesting to me as the bigger-than-life, outrageously-themed buildings of old.
      I love your pictures and your topic! Great post. I loved the Treasure Island photo you posted on your Flickr account.

    • Your pictures are amazing. I have been meaning to go to the neon boneyard since I moved down here for college but still haven’t found the time. There are some awesome pictures from around there, my favorites are some of the wedding pictures people have done there. Your post only makes me want to go even more.

    • I love this post. I have always wanted to go here, but just haven’t found the time to make it there yet. I think it is great how you even add in a little education within the post of fun facts. I really enjoy looking at your photos, and the way that you took them. Great job!

    • Everyone always talks about the Neon Museum but as others said, I never had the chance to check it out. Your pictures are so captivating, they really bring to light the meaning of “neon” and help showcase what visitors are in for when they go on a tour. For most that haven’t lived through the history and renovations of Las Vegas, the Neon Museum seems like the perfect place to get a glimpse of the past and really appreciate the beauty that hid in old Las Vegas.

  • This was a great read! Having a Twitter account provides modern journalists with such a great advantage for connecting with other professionals and the public. I would go as far as to say that it is a necessity in this generation. Having an online presence helps build credibility as well as a personal brand. Personally, I think it’s much easier to…[Read more]

  • Hey Kerry,

    I really enjoyed reading your post! It was a quick and easy yet informative read. You raised some great points here and it was a great idea to tie in your first post to this one. I think the best benefit that social media offers us is instantaneous communication. It is quite possibly one of the most influential advancements in the…[Read more]

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