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  • Angelica – I originally saw your blog post through the Twitter feed, which intrigued me to click on it to read it further in detail. I actually have not heard of this Red Bull event occurring tonight, which is perfect because of its timeliness! Do you work for Red Bull or know people that do? I thought this was a unique topic. 🙂

  • Ah, the end of the summer term. Back a few months ago I thought I was going to dread summer school, but I have to admit, JOUR 333 (Introduction to Interactive Media Design) was hands down the BEST journalism […]

    • WOW! I love to see where your blog has come from the beginning. I really can tell that you learned a ton and genuinely enjoyed this course. I couldn’t agree more with you in that this is hands down one of the most beneficial and informative classes I have ever taken at UNLV. I loved your writing here and your use of images. Good job, Kellie!

    • I’m honored by your words, Kellie.
      I hope you enjoyed the class as much as I did. Seeing everyone’s creativity always fills me with such joy! 🙂

  • I always click on posts based on creative headlines, which is why I enjoyed yours! It caught my attention. 🙂 I started to read the blog post and I was intrigued by all of the images you used – especially how you placed them. I spend lots of time after publishing just to make sure I properly place my images… It makes a huge difference! I love…[Read more]

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  • As I was reading this blog post, I felt like it was from a major news organization. You must have prior experience with this! I clicked on the headline because it caught my attention, which is the ultimate goal, right? 🙂 I actually did not know a phone could cost you being able to vote this year… It is ridiculous how much technology has taken…[Read more]

  • Kudos to you at how great of a topic this is — especially in the dead heat of a Vegas summer! Where did you come up with this idea? I enjoy how passionate you sound in your podcast – I can tell you are really into it without even seeing your facial expressions, a voice says it all. Stay cool! Happy Fourth to you. 🙂

  • As soon as I started reading about the tennis team, I reminisced to JOUR 202! I really enjoyed how well you wrote this post and gave kudos to the UNLV Women’s Tennis team – they definitely deserved it! Your video was composed in very nice shots. 🙂

  • You often hear a Las Vegan joke about a construction cone being Nevada’s state flower.

    As a Las Vegas native myself, the city has grown into one of the fastest-paced places for opportunity. A fast lifestyle e […]

    • I really like your topic! It is true, the construction cones is the new state flower! They are everywhere! I really liked how you suggested a traffic app. I have been looking for one! Sometimes, my phone won’t show it or I will google traffic in Las Vegas but nothing really shows up. I’ll definitely try out this app!

    • Your title is what originally grabbed me. It’s really clever! Your quirky style of writing helped the article to flow really nicely. While traffic is no fun, who knew that reading about it could be? This subject matter is totally time relevant and location relevant, as all of us Vegas locals know that there’s construction on basically every corner. You included a lot of images, which did a great job of balancing text with other media. Good stuff!

    • I really like the topic of your post! We always see people complaining about construction and traffic, I’m definitely guilty of it, so the app will certainly come in handy! I’ve never even heard of it until your post, so thank you for that. A lot of people would find this post useful and it’s nice that you incorporated multiple images to guide the reader. Your podcast was clear and straight to the point as well, which I loved.

    • All of the construction in Vegas is seriously driving me crazy. I like how your post and podcast offered a solution to the reader by suggesting the waze app. I live in the depths of Henderson so I’ll definitely check out the app to make my commute less stressful!

    • I think your topic is very timely since there’s been so much construction going on in Vegas for the past few months at least. I’ve heard about Waze but have yet to check it out, but your blog post may have convinced me to finally do so the next time I’m heading out since construction can be such a struggle to deal with.

  • Hi Marissa–
    This blog post is right up my alley. I have extreme OCD and as soon as I read about Hootsuite, I immediately went to check it out. I particularly enjoy how you focused on social media tools that aren’t mainstream. You went above and beyond the standard of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and researched sites that actually made sense to…[Read more]

  • I find it intriguing how I work so close to downtown Las Vegas, yet I have not been there since I was a kid. Your post made me feel like I need to go out there this weekend! Especially since our company is planning on doing a launch event on Fremont Street Experience in the upcoming months. I enjoyed your videography as well, good job!

  • I felt the need to go swimming after reading your post! The imagery you formed with the “Throwback Thursday” to drive-ins and how you mentioned Grease was phenomenal; I pictured that exact scene with Danny and Sandy. I appreciate how informing this post is – I did not know there were dive-ins around the valley for only $5. The only ones I am aware…[Read more]

  • Boulevard Bar & Grille, a restaurant in Enterprise, Nevada, has brought of piece of Cleveland, Ohio, to the Las Vegas valley since September 2000, when the restaurant first opened.

    My family and I have been […]

    • What a cute piece! I really love that you included the drive there. So many people think that the only thing that exists in Vegas is The Strip, but little do they know there are little fun joints like this to go to! I’ll have to try it there sometime!

    • I love learning about all the different small food businesses around the Vegas Valley, especially different coffee shops but Boulevard Bar looks super charming and welcoming! It’s always hard to find an actual bar that also has a good food menu to choose from without making you sick. You mentioned that they have amazing desserts, who doesn’t have a sweet spot and the fact that it’s all homemade is even better. Definitely have to check it out one day.

    • It’s always great to hear about cool, family owned restaurants in Vegas! I think Vegas tends to lack the warmth and charm that places like this provide, especially for locals. It’s so cool that your family has roots not only with this particular restaurant, but also the family’s restaurant in Ohio. I’ll have to check it out and tell them that Kellie sent me!

  • I absolutely love this post – I visit the Conservatory with my family every time it changes and I have yet to visit it this summer! Your post made me want to see it right this moment. 🙂

    Your headline is what originally captured my attention to click onto the full post; a traditional line everyone has heard, but you amped it up to correlate to…[Read more]

  • I appreciate how timely of a blog post this is — considering Las Vegas just got the official news yesterday! I’ve commented this before but it always has me clicking back to your posts, I love how you incorporate your voice and your style into your writing. I feel like many people write with the more traditional way in their mind.

    I also love…[Read more]

  • Our assignment was to write a professional news story that could be featured in any media outlet – you took that to the complete next level! I felt like I was actually reading about Bad Owl Coffee in a high publication magazine. I was even in more awe when I visited your Flickr. Your photos were such simple concepts, but really drove the idea home…[Read more]

  • Downtown Summerlin, located at 1980 Festival Plaza Dr., is Las Vegas’ newest outdoor fashion, food and entertainment district in the heart of Summerlin, Nevada.

    In an effort to raise awareness of childhood c […]

    • I love that you found something with such meaning to photograph here in Las Vegas. I had no idea that Downtown Summerlin had such a great art installation! Your photos look fantastic as well…you have a great eye for what to capture and I love the blurred edges on some of them. I’m impressed that you were able to take such great photos with an iPhone! I also enjoyed how you included quotes from the exhibit with your pictures, it really gives the story something extra.

    • This is such a great feature. I love that you showcased the Las Vegas art and culture, but also highlighted art that has made a difference. I go to Downtown Summerlin every few months and I never knew that the art installations were associated with such a good cause.

      Your Flickr photo set is so beautiful. You really captured the rich colors well. I’ll make sure to pay closer attention to the art when I go back next time! Can’t wait for your next post!

      P.S. I love love love your blog title: “Through the Keys of Kellie!”

    • Your photos do a great job of illustrating Downtown Summerlin and all the fun things to do there! Your post also accompanies the pictures well to further explain what you’re talking about. I did my post on the Henderson equivalent to Downtown Summerlin, The District, as I live on the other side of town. I’ve only been to Downtown Summerlin once but I love it! There’s more to do there than in The District.

  • Desiree, I enjoyed your blog post. And your blog as well (I LOVE the color pink!) 🙂

    I agree and disagree, and I actually giggled at your statement, “It is about finding balance and being smart enough not to diss your network on Twitter or to post about that time you got drunk and ran down the street naked away from social media.” I feel like…[Read more]

  • Caitlin, I love how friendly and inviting your home page to your blog is. It made me think, “HELLO! I’m Caitlin! Nice to meet you!” It was very catchy as you said, but it is very neat in the same sense. I enjoy it! I wonder why you try to avoid capitalization? I thought that was an interesting part to read in your post.

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