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  • It’s not hard to stay up on what’s hot in journalism if you’re the one starting the fire. But getting to that point takes having to shelf your pride, and willingly become a student again–even though college may […]

    • Your podcast was beautiful, Amber!
      I really enjoyed getting to know you during this class. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 🙂

  • Didn’t know this was going down on Sunday, so I’m glad I read this article a head of time! Good preview. I got to know a little of the history of Red Bull, which isn’t something people normally talk about.

  • Great work with this Lawren.

    Shedding light on how medical marijuana is being used for this purpose breaks a huge stigma about it. I’ve seen some people falsify their injuries or over-exaggerate them to get marijuana cards, and it’s ridiculous. But this is something people should recognize about it. Some people are literally just using it…[Read more]

  • Great review, Desiree. I’ve heard a lot about Brittany Rose but never listened to her music. Very thankful for that video you captured of her. She sounds magnificent!

    One of Moonboots’ members used to work for my job, so I kind of had an obligation to like them, but Noir Movement definitely had their own flavor. Enjoyed reading this and…[Read more]

  • Photo: Samsung’s Virtual Reality MWC 2016 Press Conference | Maurizio Pesce

    A few weeks ago we discussed why virtual reality isn’t just for gamers. It could easily change the face of journalism, and how we […]

    • Wow Amber, this is really cool. I love the idea of improving education with virtual reality technology. I’m thinking of getting my master’s degree in secondary education and this is something that I think could definitely improve the classroom and how kids look at learning.
      Thanks for sharing!

    • I think this is awesome. This year Coachella music festival gave the cardboard headsets with all the tickets, and then you just downloaded the app and were able to walk around the grounds and watch videos all in virtual reality. It was really awesome. Six Flags Magic Mountain just added a VR roller coaster as well. It is safe to say that VR is here to stay, and we need to utilize it. I love the idea about using it for education. Younger generations are always on their phones or some sort of device, so giving them technology to learn from would hopefully get them more involved. Thank you for the information, and great post!

    • Really interesting take on VR. When it comes to games I’m not all that interested in VR, but I would be stupid to ignore the technology completely. I like all of the subjects you’ve highlighted where this technology could do a lot of good that have nothing to do with video games. It should be interesting to see what’s done with VR in the next few years.

  • This is incredibly timely advice, especially with people who are nearing graduation but still scrambling for an internship.

    The clips from class advice is really solid. I think a lot of students freak out when they hear the word clips if they don’t have anything professionally published. Sometimes they then end up not submitting anything…[Read more]

  • Teena,

    You are a complete natural at podcasting. You sounded so professional. I’ve heard of Vibe Theory before from Kailyn, and one of my friends has been on the show. It’s a very cool station. Glad to see you’re giving it some love.

  • Li,

    You have such a great voice for podcasting. I really enjoyed how you put that together, and in just a minute! It’s hard to do that in a quick and concise way without losing meaning to what you’re saying.

    Most definitely helpful information here. I know a lot of people want to do things on 4th of July but don’t want to have to put too…[Read more]

  • The fourth of July represents the day the 13 colonies declared independence and became a new nation. Well, the same could be said about female protagonists in video games. There’s a number of female video game […]

    • I love the topic of your article, “In honor of Independence Day, here are four independent video game women you should know.” I like how you tied in Independence day and independent women. I love your background and characteristics you gave in your post and in your podcast. The music went perfectly with your podcast. Very visual post and great piece overall!

  • Summer hasn’t been too kind to us Las Vegans so far. This week alone promises temperatures peaking midway to 110 degrees, and that’s a mercy considering the 115 degree day we experienced last week. As the saying […]

    • Wow, I really enjoyed reading this. It was so informative and different from anything else I’ve seen. I learned so much about how to conserve my water usage. I think it’s great that you can get fined for wasting water. I don’t think people understand how privileged we are to have access to so much clean water. There’s many countries around the world that can’t event drink the water because it carries so many different bacteria’s that can cause diseases. I really liked how you provided back ground information to support your findings. Xeriscaping is such a cool addition to this post. Keep up the good work!

  • Hey Bianca,

    Great post about the Reef. I had no idea that behind the scenes tours could open you up to swimming with the sharks (love saying this as much as you do probably). Very informative. I’m kind of motivated now to take my siblings to this, perhaps this weekend!

  • I liked the topic you chose Allysa because I feel it pertains greatly to our field of journalism. A colleague of mine went to this event as well and brought back the book. I consider it a gold mine. The breakdown of numbers is impressive, and so, so helpful if you’re planning to write a statistic-based story.

    Great work!

  • Rachel,

    I’m really impressed with your photos. Night photography certainly suits this place. I’ve been meaning to go here because I don’t live far, but I never get the chance.

    I think it’s important to see things like this. I mean, the Neon Museum doesn’t have to be a keeper of our Vegas history but it is and that’s commendable.

  • These days, video games are so beautifully crafted, how could you not take a picture? This used to be difficult before next generation video game consoles came on the scene. But when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One […]

    • Amber,
      This is so interesting and I had no idea that this was even a thing. Thank you for teaching me something new.
      The composition of your in-game photos are excellent and would have never thought to do something like this for this project. It’s nice to see someone thinking outside of the box and including something that interests them.
      Great work!

    • I have never heard of this in-game photography before, and found your blog post well-written and very informative. It seems as though video games are becoming more and more lifelike, and this feature expands upon that. I find it fascinating that in-game photos are being taken with the same grace and eye of real-world photography. My brother is a video game programmer (and a photographer), and I bet he would be thrilled to know that people love in-game worlds so much that they are capturing photos of them! I love the photos you took. They not only show off how far digital animation has come, but they are very artistic as well. I think you did an excellent job of capturing light and shadow, and making the photos really come alive.

    • Amber, I can begin to tell you how excited I am for Crash Bandicoot! I am not a huge gamer but reading this blog has made me want to start playing video games again. I agree, some screenshots from video games are very artistic. I find myself coming across them on Tumblr and not even noticing that they are animated and digitized and not actual photographs. I enjoyed your blog immensely! Hope your summer is going well.

  • I really enjoyed the humorous comparison between the stereotypical columnist and blogger. It’s pretty accurate! Contrary to popular belief though, I think blogging CAN be a seamless transition for columnists. But it depends on what type of columnist you are.

    Newspaper writers and magazine writers can sound like they’re worlds a part in how…[Read more]

  • “Twitter also lets people see that you are human and more than your job.”

    I really like this perspective. People tend to feel closer to you and like they can get to know you better if you’re an avid Tweeter. Social media really is about your brand, but sometimes that’s hard to balance. When I’m on my Twitter or Facebook, I want to communicate…[Read more]

  • Rachel! I’m loving this blog. The colors go really well together on the links, and the Pinterest widget really accentuates the overall style of your blog. It shows a lot about you, too. I definitely get a chic vibe.

    Also, your headlines are eye-catching, great work cultivating those. I look forward to returning to this blog to read more!

  • Rachel,

    Great point you made about people wanting to get straight to the point of a story. Sometimes, that’s all they need is a short Tweet about a breaking topic. I’m guilty of just reading the headline Tweet from a news organization and letting that be enough for me. Sometimes I don’t click the whole article because I don’t need the whole…[Read more]

  • Teena,

    I definitely agree with you that FB is a big news outlet. I know a lot of people say they get breaking news from Twitter, and that’s true for me, too, but I get my daily news from Facebook.

    I pin all of the big papers and magazines as the first things to show up on my feed. I prefer this compared to getting this stuff from Twitter.…[Read more]

  • Photo: Sean MacEntee//Creative Commons Flickr

    In a previous article, I touched on why journalists should take the time to learn social media and blogging. Communicating effectively is the backbone of our […]

    • I like that you actually broke down the reasons why both Twitter and Facebook are individually important to modern journalists. I feel like most people think that journalists spend more time on Twitter and I can see why. Things posted on Twitter are kind of short, sweet, and to the point. However, Facebook has that option, but can also include posts or stories that go much deeper. I love the statistics that you used here. I had no idea that so many people were on Twitter. Of course I knew that it was big, I just did not know that it was this big, and it is still growing. I also like how you explained what hashtags are. I know what they are, but they are still fairly new, as are many things that make up social media. They play such a huge role in connectivity.

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