• I went into Journalism 333, Introduction to Interactive Media Design, with an open mind and willingness to learn. I enjoy online classes and I think this new technology world we live in is so, very fascinating […]

    • I have sincerely enjoyed getting to know you, Allysa, through your work. Your “guacamole” video was really fun to watch!

      Thank you for sharing with us and facing the challenges of J333 with us.

      Have a wonderful rest of summer!

  • Li, this is an amazing post! I am so sad I haven’t caught more of your’s along the way. You have great writing skills and your voice rules for podcasting. I have always been prone to becoming vegetarian and this makes it seem all the more fun and reasonable to do so in Las Vegas.

    Awesome post!

  • This is actually a great post and definitely relevant to the Las Vegas valley. Your writing is great, and your incorporation of links and photos really made the entire piece all the better! Good job on writing a piece that is similar to what I would see in the Review Journal or Las Vegas Sun.

  • Honestly, I loved this post so much because in high school I used to write movie reviews as the Arts and Entertainment Editor for my newspaper! I always had the most fun writing them and this totally took me back. You did a great job of incorporating multiple media elements in this post. Great insight and superb writing (again, as always).

  • WOW! I love to see where your blog has come from the beginning. I really can tell that you learned a ton and genuinely enjoyed this course. I couldn’t agree more with you in that this is hands down one of the most beneficial and informative classes I have ever taken at UNLV. I loved your writing here and your use of images. Good job, Kellie!

  • Loved this post! You definitely hit the nail on the head (sorry for the lame cliche), but it’s true. We have to learn to master so many different elements to become a wholesome and articulate journalist these days. This goes beyond our writing skills. The video project was definitely my favorite assignment, regardless of the fact that it took…[Read more]

  • The classic Fourth of July consisted of the celebration of America’s freedom and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The great red, white and blue was officially it’s own and the country had never […]

    • This is a fantastic piece of information to talk about because of the amount of events and festivities that will be going on around Fourth of July. I really liked that you talked about things to do out side of the Strip because everyone might not be a fan of going to clubs and big parties. Getting quotes and thoughts on what other people have to say about the Fourth is important for getting an inside scoop on what locals think about the Fourth. Being safe is the number one priority and I’m sure there’s extra police on duty to keep people safe.

    • I love the timeliness of this piece, seeing that the Fourth of July is right around the corner. The picture is great! Did you take that? From what vantage point, may I ask? I appreciate your approach to the holiday. It is very commercial, and that makes it honest. You took a fun, nightlife approach as opposed to the old patriotic approach you usually find in articles about the country’s birthday. I also like your social responsibility plug about the dangers of drinking and driving. Great post!

    • Very easy read (just in time too because tonight is the 4th)! Our city offers plenty of fun things to do on the holidays here too. We are very lucky to have such a grand firework show at so many different places.

    • The timeliness of this post was perfect! I think it is great that you included quotes from all different ages. The picture you chose was great! I like how you included to not drink and drive and offered alternate transportation ideas because while it is important for everyone to have a fun holiday, it is also important for everyone to remain safe.

    • This was a great post! I really enjoyed the picture you used also. I think it was really cool how you included all the different djs and where they will be performing that day. Your writing is very concise and to the point. I like your use of descriptive words. I think this was a great post and was relevant to Las Vegas nightlife. I really like how you include the grocery store deals as well. Such a great idea! Awesome post, keep up the good work

    • I loved that you incorporated lots of quotes for this piece. Most of us didn’t bother to include quotes from outside sources unless it was an interview. So kudos to you.
      Nice work with the line up of DJs and the locations of various fireworks. This showed you did some research and made your piece very informative for your readers.
      I would love to see more photos!

  • Summer is here and guacamole is ready for it’s comeback. Every 4th of July has the usual hamburgers and hot dogs and chips and ice-cold beer. Although, guacamole makes the best dish for your guest’s appetizers and […]

  • It takes a special person to become one who says they want to travel the world and actually does it! So many people feel it is out of their reach and beyond their own personal limitations, but it is far more […]

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    I immediately loved your theme in that my first thought was that you had a major part in the design elements. Like you mentioned, you could choose the colors and background and fonts. I believe that adds such an interesting element to any blog! I tried to include some of my own personal pictures when choosing and creating my theme as well. All in…[Read more]

  • LAS VEGAS – On June 16, 2016, the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance hosted their 36th annual Perspective event at the Four Seasons Hotel. The sold-out event hosted almost 500 attendees.

    Perspective stems fr […]

    • I liked the topic you chose Allysa because I feel it pertains greatly to our field of journalism. A colleague of mine went to this event as well and brought back the book. I consider it a gold mine. The breakdown of numbers is impressive, and so, so helpful if you’re planning to write a statistic-based story.

      Great work!

    • Great job writing a news story on what is (in my opinion) a really interesting and relevant topic. Las Vegas’s economy definitely has a lot of different opportunities right now and that’ll affect everyone who lives here. Yet it seems like a lot of people aren’t really drawn to stories about business, which I think is all the more reason to write them, but find ways to make them engaging, which your photos helped with.

    • The subject you chose is great! It was very professional and you even included a great quote! This is something I definitely could see reading in the Review-Journal.

  • I really do appreciate the fact that you kept your blog simple and professional. I think it adds a nice modern, clean feel to your blog and even your writing. There are so many fun ways to play with black and white space! I love your writing and believe that you chose the best one for your personality and style!

  • I really like the argument you make here. I think it is so crucial to mesh the new with the old. Much like you said, “We shouldn’t fear the future, but there is nothing wrong with trying to preserve pieces of tradition.” As a columnist is my high school days, I found a bit of a release with my writing, but I found it was much more restricting in t…[Read more]

  • Rachel, I really do love your blog style. As I know you personally, it completely suits your personality and sense of style. I think it maintains a professional design, while still being “cute and fun.” I am still not completely happy with my theme, so I can relate with you in that I want mine to be perfect and it took me forever to even choose…[Read more]


    Many are familiar with the constant debate over the love/hate relationship our society has with social media in terms of personal use affecting professional careers. This is something discussed heavily in man […]

    • This is a great perspective. I love the link you had to backup your points about our society and it’s love for social media. I agree with your point that journalism professionals can definitely benefit the most from the use of Twitter. I think Twitter is a great tool for all journalists or any professions for that matter.

    • Really good post. It’s interesting to think of any social media platform as a business environment, but that is the future. It is intimidating to think of all the things I won’t be able to do and say on social media once I have a career with a media organization. But, like you point out it is best not to take these outlets lightly because out of any other career field, they could greatly benefit journalists.

    • Hello Allysa,
      Good introduction – I like your way of easing the conversation with the introduction. You related with my way of thinking, and that is extremely important for any good writer to do. I also liked how you listed social media as being an outlet for business. Social media has really increased opportunities for businesses. You also stated the strategy that social media also makes it easier to link to the right people. This feature on social media makes it easier for journalists to use.

    • I agree that it is beneficial for journalists to use social media sites like Twitter. Cyber-bullying and trolling is an issue and there isn’t much that can be done besides not responding to the haters. Social media is definitely in and it is the quickest way to reach a large audience.

    • This was a great read! Having a Twitter account provides modern journalists with such a great advantage for connecting with other professionals and the public. I would go as far as to say that it is a necessity in this generation. Having an online presence helps build credibility as well as a personal brand. Personally, I think it’s much easier to check news updates on Twitter rather than digging through articles for information.

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    I have chosen the “Freak” theme for my blog as I feel it sufficiently surrounds the overall theme of my blog. My theme begins with the title of my blog, which is a French phrase, “Je suis prest.” This means “I am […]

    • I love your very crisp, clean, simple and visual blog theme! And I really love your title (“Je Suis Prest”). “I am ready” is a great maxim for an enthusiastic young professional. I also like the personalized bohemian feel that you have infused into your theme. The picture from Paris is a nice touch, given the title of your blog. I think I would have also added a link to Pinterest or another site to explain bohemian sensibilities and aesthetics ( Something visual instead of a simply textual definition. The Bohemian style is meant to be seen and felt. Words are great, but they fail to completely capture the essence of boho.
      I enjoyed the Urban Dictionary definitions, but only the first one truly explained bohemianism. The other entries were increasingly rude. :p Ah…such is Urban Dictionary.

      1) Style invented by retailers in order to peddle their old styles, and reduce design costs.

      2) Style invented by cheapskates to make their thrift-store clothes “cool”.

    • I like the overall theme that you’re going for and the various visual elements of your blog design. I also like the title of your blog and what it stands for. Your header picture is great and it’s even better that you took it yourself! You should definitely change the orange links to the muted blue you were describing, I think it’ll tie together all the visual elements of your blog.

    • I love that we have used the same theme but our sites look completely different. I like that you included a definition of what boho signifies and I think you did a great job of incorporating that into your blog. I really like the title of your blog as well, very clever and thoughtful and I can definitely see how you incorporated natural elements.

  • “If no one cares, what’s the point?” I think that is a summary of this entire question of new journalism versus the old. I made the same argument in that, it is crucial for journalists to remain relevant with their readers. A journalists job is to deliver news, but if they don’t want to read it or can’t relate to the material or medium, “what’s…[Read more]

  • allysas and Profile picture of arianadarianad are now friends 1 year, 6 months ago

  • I definitely agree with you in that the use of social media and digital measures are “vital” for the modern journalist. it is important to stay relevant and close to their readers. I like the argument you made as to why a blog is important – journalists connecting with their readers on a deeper, more intimate level. We are living in an experience…[Read more]

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