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Become Social and Skillful

Calling all journalists looking for a few tips on how to use Twitter and Instagram professionally! In a previous blog post, (1) New Journalist Request, I discussed numerous pros and cons to using social media in a professional manner. The biggest advantage to using social media sites is being able to build up connections in your audience and relaying information to them quickly.

Anyone can create a quick account on a social media site and call it a day, but the key part of using it professionally is creating an audience. Otherwise, what is the point of tweeting and posting if no one is there to view it? The video above goes over just two of the many sites available for journalists to use, Twitter and Instagram. The video could even be helpful to anyone looking to create a professional account of any sort. Twitter is more popular for journalists, but Instagram can also be utilized since it shares many of the same features as Twitter. Instagram could also be extremely helpful for all the photojournalists out there! The app allows you to create a feed of photos as well as put information down in the captions.

If the video interests you, but you still want to check out some more tips and tricks, try the following two sites. This one gives you 15 additional tips, for those looking to dig a little deeper on social media. The article discusses a few third-party apps, as well as some that cost money for the unique work they do. On the other hand, this article focuses more on the content of what you post, rather than how you post or how you can use the features on the sites. In the article, a Wall Street Journal journalist gives advice on what you should include in your posts and tells you how they maintain a large social media presence.

Now, you’re all set! With the video and a few additional sites, you have the tips you need to get started on professional social media accounts. Or if you just want to figure out to become social media savvy and use the sites in general, you’re still good to go. Happy tweeting!






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5 Responses to “Become Social and Skillful”

  1.   biancac Says:

    Great job using screencasts to create an interesting, informative video! With a topic like social media, it would have been easy to create something pretty boring with a video focusing on images of people talking about it, except maybe with a really interesting interview. I think you handled the topic very well and kept me interested throughout the video.

  2.   ashleym Says:

    Great job on your video and post! It was a great idea to put together a type of guide through screenshotted images and a voice over for this assignment, I wish I would have done something similar. All of the tips you included are great for any journalists that may be unsure about how to use social media effectively. Social media is obviously a very important tool for journalists when utilized properly.

  3.   desirees Says:

    Great job! Your voice was clear throughout the video and you did a good job using screenshots and videos to explain how to create a twitter and use it effectively.

  4.   laureng Says:

    I really like how you thoroughly explained multiple platforms instead of just one. I especially liked the point you brought up in the twitter segment about how direct messages are important for conversations with sources, due to the extended character count. Your video was very clear and well put together. Great post!

  5.   Allysa Sutton Says:

    Hayley, your video was a perfect component to your blog. I think it is something we can all use to better our social media skills and techniques. I think it is important to include all platforms because that’s where our audiences lie. All in all, great job with your post!

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