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Red Rock Rocks!

While Las Vegas is commonly known for the Strip and all its flashy features, it is also home to some wonderful scenery. Red Rock Canyon, located over 15 miles away from the Strip, is a National Conservation Area filled with various amenities like hiking trails, horse riding, and areas for picnics. While there, you can also see plenty of animal life as well as plant life. My favorite part of going is getting to see the animals in their environment– especially the rabbits! Before you plan a visit, check out this list of the numerous hikes and trails available at the park. The list also includes the distances for each hike as well as how long it would take to walk through the trail. This map is also quite useful before you head out there! It displays all of the hikes along a map and shows the pathway for the scenic drive. Never been to Red Rock? Overwhelmed by all of your trail options? Try checking out the Calico Basin trail if you’re novice at this. It is a great start to your hike, as it’s quite short, but very beautiful to walk through. Below is a view of the scenery you would see there:


Along the trails, there are signs throughout that give information about the wildlife you might see. At the start of the trail, you can find information about the hours the park is open, as well as general information about Red Rock Canyon. If you want, you can also set up a picnic at the shaded table areas near the parking lot. This is just one of the many trails you can choose when visiting, but it’s nice to start out slow!

Red Rock Canyon is such an underrated part of the city, which is why I decided to explore it further for this assignment. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the craziness of the city, I don’t take time to enjoy the simple, natural aspects of it. I’m sure many others can relate and I figured it might give someone inspiration to go visit. I chose to go to the Calico Basin trail earlier this week, simply because I’ve been there before and knew it would be a great place to take photos. The camera used was a Canon EOS Rebel T5 and I just adjusted a few settings to take the photos. If you’d like to see more, check the images out here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hheadlines/.

Next time you’ve hit every shop in town, or have spent every waking moment at the Strip, try considering a more natural approach and come check out Red Rock Canyon. While it may be extremely hot out now, the park is open nearly all year, so you can go at any time. Be sure to bring a lot of water, a few snacks, your best hiking shoes, and your love for nature! You won’t regret it.


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3 Responses to “Red Rock Rocks!”

  1.   lih Says:

    I love your photo story. You captured some great places up there. I love your post, it has great information about Red Rock and the map is just genius for those who want to explore the area. This makes me want to go there and I am not much of a hiker. Great post and great pictures.

  2.   kerryc Says:

    Great blog topic! I don’t think that enough people know about the beautiful scenic adventures we have here in Las Vegas. I love going to Red Rock, and more people should know about it. Writing an easy read article such as this is sure to attract more people to Las Vegas’s nature. Thank you for sharing!

  3.   rachelt Says:

    I love your pictures and you really captured Red Rock beautifully. I actually never realized that there was something green at Red Rock! I always just saw the big red rocks and dirt everywhere! It makes me want to go back and explore Red Rock more!

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