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Love At First Site

We’ve all heard the phrase “love at first sight” before and we understand how important first impressions are. The same concept applies to websites –– and more specifically, blogs! With short attention spans and interest in visuals, people are drawn to sites that intrigue them just from the initial glance. While choosing a theme for my blog, I tried to keep this in mind as well as find one that best fit the type of person I am.

Image from Alex Holyoake on Flickr

Image from Alex Holyoake on Flickr

This article was helpful because it listed a plethora of factors that impact someone’s first impression of a website. The header is one of the most important aspects of a blog because it’s what the visitor first sees. With a blog title like mine, my header had to be one that sets the tone for the rest of my blog. Right now, I’m using a photo that I took myself of the lights at Disneyland. I’d like my blog to stand out to visitors, just as much as the lights stand out in the image, and for my blog to be an escape, just like Disneyland is for me. As for navigation, I liked the sidebar, but I adjusted it a little to make it less cluttered. I liked how this theme kept the navigation on the side, instead of at the bottom, because it makes it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

While the factors in the first article were useful, I looked at this article for additional help. One of the rules in the article advised choosing patterns that aren’t distracting. With my theme, the bulk of the site is black and the surrounding background is a gradient I made in Photoshop. Along with the link colors, I tried to match the gradient colors to my header image, in order to keep things cohesive. Most of the blog themes had the standard white background, but I liked the one I chose due to the dark color. It makes my blog cozier and it stands out among the other themes. For an extra touch, I created a site logo which consists of a little newspaper and the letters HH on it, which are the initials of my blog title. Although this is just the initial design phase, I tried my best at customizing a simple theme to create an inviting tone, instead of one that’s too bland and cold.

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8 Responses to “Love At First Site”

  1.   rachelp Says:

    First of all I absolutely love the title of this post, too cute! I am utterly obsessed with Disneyland so your blog is officially my favorite. The black and gold design looks clean and crisp and the logo is such a nice touch.

  2.   ashleym Says:

    Hi Hayley,
    The title of your post was so creative! I like your blog theme because it’s very clear to follow and easy to navigate so it reduces confusion for the reader. I also love your header because the image sets the tone for your blog, and it’s a bonus that it’s an image from Disneyland! The only thing I have some confusion about is the site logo that you designed. I think it’s great that you made your own, but I don’t see it anywhere on your site! Maybe I’m just completely missing it, but either way I think that’s a great touch!

    •   hayleyv Says:

      Hello, thank you for your nice comment, I appreciate it! Also, the site logo is the little icon up in the tab of your browser, right next to the name of the tab 🙂 it’s kind of confusing since it’s so small, but it’s there! I hope I helped!

  3.   lih Says:

    “With short attention spans and interest in visuals, people are drawn to sites that intrigue them just from the initial glance.” This is so so true. I love the lights in your banner, it catches your eyes instantly but subtly. The colors of your banner and the colors of your page meld perfectly with each other and it doesn’t hurt that your picture was taken by you, very beautiful picture . Nice page!

  4.   laurenh Says:

    Let me just start by saying I knew right away that your picture was from Disneyland and I loved it. I’m so insanely obsessed with Disney I have a season pass I paid way to much for and somehow justified it to myself. But besides that ha! I have the attention span of a goldfish, with that being said its about 5 seconds long and I’m over whatever I was doing and on to the next. Having a blog that keeps the readers attention is probably the golden egg of all writing, keeping interest. Incorporating your own personal touch adds more of a way for readers to connect to you as a real person and not just a web page. Blogs are unique in the way that it can allow you to share so much of your own life, and the things that make you, you. Its fun to be able to create a following while still being yourself.

    •   hayleyv Says:

      Thanks so much for your nice comment! I’m so jealous that you have a season pass, I want one so bad! I’m glad we share the same Disney obsession 🙂

  5.   rachelt Says:

    When I first went on your blog it was love at first sight! Your header reminds me of romantic night out! I was just staring at it just thinking how pretty the lights are and how I want to be there right now! I agree with you about first impressions. I think it’s important and especially for bloggers!

  6.   barbaraf Says:

    I love how your header picture from Disneyland accents the background and font colors of your blog theme! It’s always nice to do something a little different with the dark contrast instead of white backgrounds with most sites. The flow is simple but your creativity shows through which is a great first impression, like you mentioned.

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