Paris Casino
Paris Casino

The glitz and glamor of the brightest city in the world, from the top of an Open Top Big Bus. From the point of view of a tour guide you hear you’re colleagues talk about how, “you should go downtown, thats where the locals go, oh you won’t find a local anywhere near the strip.” Well I have to say I’m not that local. I really do love the allure of Sin City’s most famous street. And whey not, why condemn the part of the city that is known for its shows, food and entertainment.

I hear it from my friends all the time, why do you spend time down there, its so expensive, its so crowded, its so fake. Thats the fun part, being down on the Strip allows you to be who ever you want and act differently than you do back home. The Las Vegas Strip lights up the night

It is true, the Strip can be very expensive, and yes the people sometimes come off as artificial. But you don’t see some of those things with all the lights and signs. By spending so much time on the Las Vegas Strip you’re able to see the allure of coming to this city and letting loose. How could you not, it has alcohol, entertainment, shopping, food and people watching galore. This is the place where the housewife from Iowa can sit next to the Heiress of the Hampton’s and have the same luck at winning a jackpot in the Casino.

Of course the Heiress can go to the private area of the Casino and be by herself, but in this city, due to its nature of always changing with people and not having one person live here for very long. A person is able to come to Las Vegas dress up and play out a fantasy of living a life they wouldn’t normally have back home in places like Nebraska and Minnesota.

The city of Las Vegas has many things to do this is true, like hiking, and going to the arts district, but you cannot deny the Las Vegas Strip’s appeal the place where conventioneers and high roller can mingle and try there luck and the same game at getting rich or richer then when they arrived.

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