By Rubina F.

CoffeeLocal coffee places in Las Vegas can easily compete with any Starbucks. They may not be as popular by name, but once the experience has been made it will be hard to forget the enjoyable flavors tasted while there. Places such as, Mad House Coffee, The Beat Coffeehouse & Records and Sambalatte are just a few to name that give that lasting impression. Mad House Coffee is a 24-hour venue open to at any hour to serve people their coffee cravings. It can be seen filled with people of all ages sipping on drinks hot and cold with a newly added menu that serves sandwiches, salads and organic pastas.

The Beat Coffeehouse & Records in Downtown Las Vegas, the name explains itself for what it is. They provide both coffee and great music to its customers and are open during normal operation hours in week, unlike Mad House. The coffee lovers of this place are people of all walks of live. From the casual wanderer craving something sweet to one of the band members grabbing a quick espresso before the night begins. Along with a lively crowd of customers and great coffee the music at The Beat Coffeehouse & Records will get you tapping your foot while waiting for your order.

If you’re in the mood for authentic Italian recipes such as freshly grounded coffee from Florence and macarons of all flavors, Sambalatte is the place to be. The interior design consists of the first floor having plenty of room to sit, either at a table set for no more than three or a long wooded table with plenty of chairs around for people engage in long conversations. The second floor, which gives it a neat feel, has numerous plugs for the coffee sipper to get in their zone one on one with their laptop or read their latest novel. Sambalatte has a great ambience and are definitely known for their delicious macarons.

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