Marquee pool party
Marquee pool party

What is someone to do in Las Vegas when temperatures are rising and they want just hang by the pool and party? Why not hit up one of the many pool clubs that Vegas has to offer.

Every hotel in Las Vegas has a pool, and many have capitalized on the success of the nightclubs and turned those pools into day clubs. Day clubs feature bottle service, big name dj’s  spinning tunes and beautiful women all the aspects you find in a nightclub, but with the addition of a pool to stay cool.

One of the first places to introduce the concept of day club was Hard Rock Hotel with Rehab Sundays. Rehab is now in its 11th season and has extended  a day to include Saturdays. Prices range from $20-30 for women and $40-50 for men. Just beware you might have to pay more if there is a well known dj or entertainer performing on any given weekend.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to venture into European-style a.k.a topless pool territory check out Bare at The Mirage. Bare opens daily at 11a.m. and is $10+ for women and $20-40 for men for admission. Bare also offers days where locals can get in for free with a local id.

One of the newbies on the block is Drai’s Beach Club. Located on the rooftop of the newly renovated Cromwell. Drai’s offers awesome panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip. On Tuesday Drai’s holds a special event called Yacht Club, which is a night swim party from 10p.m.-5a.m. The price range for Drai’s is $20+ for women and $30+ for men.

These are only a few of the day clubs offered in Las Vegas. In total there are over 20+ different venues at various hotels dedicated to the nightclub scene poolside. As temperatures continue to soar in Las Vegas and people want to have a good time by the pool the day club is here to stay.

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