By Rhea H.

With this summer record temperature numbers everyone is discussing how to say cool. While these tips are great, we cannot forget to think about our furry friends.

Pets suffer from heatstroke as well as humans and have to be kept safe. The summer is long and dreadful in Las Vegas. Following are some useful tips to keeping your pets safe without locking them indoors.

1. Keep your pets hydrated

When exercising your pet always carry water. Add ice to your pets water when experiencing extreme heat.

2. Change the times you walk your dogs

Limiting the amount of exercise your pet has in the sun. Change the time you take your pet out to exercise. In Las Vegas at 5pm it its common for temperature to sill be over 90 degrees.

3. Utilize indoor areas

Pets Mart and other pet facilities offer indoor play areas for pets. On weekends utilize these areas to keep your pets exercising and interacting with animals while staying cool. Doggie District Pet Resort also offers supervised play time indoors with other animals. They offer $20 per single day or $18 for a 30 day package. The pets are provided with toys, pools, gyms, and one meal.

When going outside do not allow your pets you linger around on asphalt or black surfaces. Grass surfaces will have a lower temperature.

4. Do not leave your pet’s locked in the parked vehicle

Closed hot cars can reach up to 20 degrees higher than the outside temperature. Leaving your pet in these conditions can result to serious damage and lead to their death. If you got errands to run around town utilize the pet centers listed above.

Signs of heat stroke in animals are panting, excessive saliva, and restlessness. A pet’s normal temperature should be at 101. If your animals temperature rises above 10 seek emergency help.

Use these tips to keep your animals cool when temperatures are soaring in Las Vegas.

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