Nevada and its southwestern neighbors are facing an incredible drought which has persisted for years, causing a strain on water resources and prompting extreme heat warnings. Many homeowners in the Las Vegas valley have decided to cut back on their water usage by transforming their frontyards and backyards to desert landscaping, a water-friendly and aesthetically appealing alternative to a grassy and water-hording expanse. The Las Vegas Valley Water District has launched a rebate program which encourages homeowners to make the switch.

Although the idea of desert landscaping may not seem as luscious or inviting as a big green grassy patch, this alternative landscaping can actually be executed beautifully with the use of colorful desert plants, cactus, a variety of rocks with different colors, shapes, and textures, as well as native desert trees which thrive on sunshine and little water. Succulents, for example, provide yards with visual interest and require very little water to stay alive and thrive in the hot and dry environment of Las Vegas.

Yes, a lawn of thick green grass may be pretty to look at, but save it for the golf course! Not only does desert landscaping conserve water in these most urgent of times, but there are infinite design possibilities to be found using natural desert resources.

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