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Any child or student looks forward to summer vacation. Freedom from early mornings, homework and studying is something any student looks forward to. In a desert town like Las Vegas where the temperatures go up to the 110s it can be tough for parents to keep kids entertained. There aren’t too many things to do comfortably in our great Vegas outdoors, but that doesn’t mean summer still can’t be fun. There’s simple, cost-friendly ways to keep you and the whole family entertained this summer, you just have to be a aware of what they are and use some creativity.

Some of your favorite places to go can actually be fun places for the kids too. Do you remember how much of an adventure the mall was for you when you were a kid? A couple of the malls in town, like the Meadows Mall or the Galleria Mall in Henderson have play areas for the kids that are free. While the kids are playing, you can grab a bite to eat in a nearby food court, or if you want to maintain a healthy eating regimen, bring your own food. Mall security shouldn’t prevent you from doing that like a movie theatre or theme park would.

Another tip, and this is in no way an attempt to advertise, get a season pass for a local water park. It doesn’t have to be one of the massive commercial parks that have made appearances around town. You can take advantage of the smaller water parks that are near community centers around the valley. Daily or season passes are relatively inexpensive compared to the bigger parks, and even though they don’t have the same kind of attractions as the big parks, they do have some fun ones the kids and even yourself are sure to love.

Another great thing about having the kids home for the summer is just that: you can stay at home. It’s not necessary to go out every single day, there are things that you can do without leaving the house or without relying on video games and electronics. Take it back to the old school with some good old fashion arts and crafts. There are plenty of ideas for you to do if you just google them or create a Pinterest account to check out boards like this with plenty of ideas to keep you and the family entertained.

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