Since you have nearly 350 days to prepare for the next Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas edition – why not get a head start and explore the wonders of the EDC culture on Pinterest?

For three sleepless nights of dancing, sweating and vibing, EDC veterans and newbies alike can share their costume creations, makeup and hair expertise, kandi design and EDC culture with one another on an interactive social sphere. With thousands of pages and users posting EDC-anything daily, Pinterest can be your one stop shop into making someone else’s creation your own.


Since 2010, Pinterest has rocketed from a casual website that shared wedding ideas and crafty creations to one of the top social media outlets with 70 million users world wide. To be a Pinner, you have to actually be invited to the site by your friends who already have accounts. If you don’t have any friends then I guess you’re SOL, but if you do, then you are introduced to a world of new ideas, crafts, outfit, hair, makeup and fashion creations, quotes, cute pictures and artwork and SO. MUCH. MORE. – it’s literally a mother’s/sorority girl’s/teacher’s fantasy land.

With that, finding ideas for EDC should be as easy as going hard for your favorite DJ in the middle of a 345,000 person festival right? Well it is. Users and pages are centralized around EDC.

Let’s start with outfits and costumes. While scrolling through the dazzling designs of bedazzled bras, feathery headdresses and flowery attire,  Miss Catastrophe’s pin board called Ravin’ Cravin’ 2 has dozens of EDC outfits to choose from with beautiful bra’s, colorful tutu’s and flower accessories.


Users can find these outfits from the picture by linking them to the original websites and some even have simple steps on how to make them. But if you aren’t feeling crafty, most of the bras and outfits pinned by Miss Catastrophe are from Etsy, the pricy yet fabulous website for clothing, accessories and much more.

Moving on to makeup and hair, Kristy’s Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat board shells out interesting makeup techniques with easy steps on how to recreate the picture along with bright-neon colors and techniques to choose from. The facial bedazzles are a hit as well with various pictures showcasing it’s beauty. If you want more of a tribal look for hair and makeup visit Valerie’s EDC board. Headdresses, tribal face paint and free-flowing hair exemplified one of the themes for EDC Las Vegas this year.


With the thousands of pages to browse and with the million users to follow, finding your perfect EDC creation won’t be a problem anymore. Las Vegas has various shopping amenities where you can be crafty and fulfill your life-long dream of creating your very own EDC costume. Visit Michaels (five locations within Henderson, Las Vegas and Summerlin), Hobby Lobby (two locations, Las Vegas and Henderson), Jo-Ann’s (five locations in Henderson, Las Vegas and Summerlin) or Walmart (if you are ballin’ on a budget) for your craft needs!

For the ladies, cheap bras can be purchased at Target, Ross and Walmart, but if you’re feeling fancy, Victoria’s Secret and Fredricks of Hollywood supply the lingerie for the biggest party in Las Vegas. Or if you want to skip the crafting all together, visit Vavoom Girly BoutiqueElectric Lemonade Shop or Deja Vu Adult Emporium (must be 18+) to find the sleek and stylish rave attire for your EDC experience.

Since we have to wait 300-something days until EDC Las Vegas 2015 or if you want to craft for the next festivals/raves that come through Las Vegas or California, might as well get a jump start on costume and kandi making while following some helpful boards on Pinterest, including my Pinterest board: EDC Las Vegas.

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