Sometimes we all just need to get away.

Journalists often lead a very stressful and deadline oriented lifestyle. In the 24 hour city of Las Vegas it’s even more so. Thankfully, there are many beautiful places just a short drive from Las Vegas that will help you clear your mind and give you much needed relaxation time.

Red Rock Canyon

Photo provided by Del S Brown via Flickr.

Lights and technology are very new to human beings. While pleasing to the eye, the lights of Las Vegas can take a toll on the human body. In some cases, the lights can throw off our Circadian Rhythm which in turn can disrupt many other bodily processes. It’s of the utmost importance that we step back and take a break from all the hustle and bustle to get our bodies in check.

Las Vegas sits in a spot surrounded by natural beauty. Unlike many places where you have to travel many miles to enjoy peace and solitude, valley residents can head out in the morning and return before dinner and enjoy a day full of peace and quite. Those that have more time can spend a weekend camping , hiking or boating some of the most beautiful and relaxing areas in the Southwest.

I myself try to do something outdoor oriented at least four to five times a year. Working late nights I often fall asleep as the sun rises. I take time for myself to rest my body and take in the natural wonders of our world.

It’s important for students and journalists to take time for ourselves. Too often we work ourselves to our core, exhausting both our minds and bodies. Take a well deserved vacation once and a while. Even if just for a day, do it for your health. It’s no secret that our minds can benefit from a break now and then. A happy and alert mind is a healthy one.

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