It doesn’t matter where you are or what time of the day it is. Media is everywhere. It’s been around us for so long that we don’t even know when or how we’re consuming it. You can find it on social media, T.V., the internet, radio and even print. Yes, print still exists. According to an article on, “By 2015, we’ll be consuming over 74 gigs a day. That’s the equivalent of nine DVDs-worth of data entering your sphere every 24 hours. It also equals a startling 15.5 hours of media consumption daily.” But what type of media is consumed the most with different generations? Even though print is dying, it might have the same impact on older generations than it did in its prime. The introduction of the internet and social media might be more accessible, but it may not be everyone’s preference.

In an article from, “Mobile overtook TV as the most popular way to consume media. The average UK adult will spend 3 hours 41 minutes each day consuming digital media via their mobile phone, tablet or PC.” Multiple studies show that  newer technology is threatening the consumption of traditional media. This is both correct and wrong according to our on-field survey at Town Square. Internet showed to be the most consumed media by all age brackets. However, participants within age brackets 28-36 and 37-45, showed to consume media the most through T.V., newspapers and magazines. In other words, generations X and Y are keeping traditional media alive. We found that the older generations feel like they have to keep up the newer trends, but don’t necessarily like to. They would rather keep doing what they’ve been doing for their entire lives. Millennials are familiar with media in technology and Gen X and Y are familiar with traditional. For more statistics on social media and internet, please watch the accompanying video.

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