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Pinterest… this new site that people use to “pin” things to a “board” that they create, yet even though it may seem crazy to create another site when we have so many to choose from already, people are so attracted to Pinterest.

Through Pinterest you can find recipes you may like to try or health tips for that area you are trying to work out. It seems to be like Google on crack. You search for something you are interested in and then you are lead to relevant “pins”. These pins typically contain pictures that when clicked on lead you to an article about the topic. Like I said earlier, Google on crack.

Pinterest seems to be a site that takes you to another site that has the real information. This fully reminds me of Google. You search for something you are interested in and it gives you multiple different sites that you can click on to find what you would actually like. So why create something that pretty much does the same thing as Google? Let me explain.

Facebook and Twitter is another example of the same sort of situation between Google and Pinterest. Facebook started before Twitter did and allowed users to connect with old friends, meet new people, post about their life, share things they found interesting and so on. One day Twitter comes along and does all of the same things, just calls them something different. Now instead of liking something, you favorite it or instead of sharing something you retweet it.

People seem to be in the business of making money now-a-days. If they think that they can make a new and improved version of a site, or so they think it is better, and make money off of it then they are more than willing to duplicate anything, with a slight change that is.

I may be slightly hesitant about using Pinterest, but that does not mean that as a journalist I should not be open to all avenues of receiving information to further my news stories. Therefore, if you give in and decide to make a Pinterest (like I did) then please follow me! Here is the link to my Pinterest.