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Imagine standing atop an elevated stage looking out to a sea of colorful people radiating positivity and happiness amidst the blinding strobe lights and glistening spectacles. Your only duty: Press the space bar and unleash your magical blend of music into the ears, hearts and minds of the listeners.

Ideally, if you want to learn how to be a DJ and possibly gain the above experience, then this tutorial is NOT for you. BUT if you would like to learn the simple basics of blending music to create a peppy playlist for your next house party or put on a funny show/skit for your friends then this tutorial is definitely for you.

For the past two summers, I have worked for the City of Henderson’s summer program, Kid Zone, at Black Mountain Recreation Center in Henderson. During the 11 weeks of summer, each group is required to perform a skit in front of the entire camp, competing against each other to win their most prized possession – The Spirit Stick.

With that, leaders get a little competitive – *cough* ME *cough* – and try to give their group the best music and dances to win that weekly Spirit Stick. And the only way to have the best skit is to create the best music, with various blends, voice additives and sound effects, and actually know how to do it.

Music blending/music cutting is a tedious task in which a person blends various songs together to create one big song. In simpler terms, cheerleading and dance coaches utilize this skill to create a song for their performances.  Also, sorority and fraternity members use music blending for their various skits, performances and competitions as well.

Since I am a proud Mac and Apple everything owner, GarageBand works best when creating these blends. GarageBand comes preloaded on any MacBook and can be downloaded to the iPhone or iPad. For this tutorial we are going to cover the 6 simple steps into creating your own music blend filled with three songs, sound effects and voice overs on my MacBook Pro’s GarageBand.

GarageBand also works if you want to create your own musical stylings by allowing you to have the opportunity to record your own voice as well as instruments, but we will save that for another time.

The tutorial video covers:

1. Opening your GarageBand and knowing what to choose

2. Downloading music from iTunes to GarageBand

3. Cutting the song selections

3. Selecting Sound Effects and Special Effects to put into your project

4. Volume Control and Muting

5. Joining your creation and making it one

6. Sharing your creation with iTunes

Whether it be pressing your play button to the crowds of EDC or competing in your weekly talent show skits, learning and knowing how to blend music will be an interesting and fun skill to have with you.

Other tutorials on music blending: WikiHow and Merging Songs on GarageBand.