Celine Dion, Donny & Marie, Terry Fator: They’re all resident performers that have helped continue to make the Las Vegas Strip a go-to tourist destination, but in the last two or three years or so they haven’t been the only performers on the strip. They’ve been joined by the likes of Spiderman, Captain America and Michael Jackson just to name a few. The people just named are, of course, not the real characters or performers but people who decide to dress up as them and stand on the street corners in an attempt to make money.


For some, these street performers are amusing and potentially a fun photo for people back home to see. In the last couple of years however, metro has been getting reports of these street performers doing inappropriate things. That in addition to how and how much money these performers made have prompted the debate on how these performers should be regulated. In 2011 the Clark County Commission passed an ordinance that banned performers from having dangerous or potentially dangerous objects with them. Later on they were banned from accepting a charge, they could instead accept a “donation” only. The question many people particularly, Vegas residents as opposed to tourists, have is why they’re allowed to be on the strip at all.

The performers themselves have championed their freedom of speech, or First Amendment rights as a way around it. It should also be noted that it’s not only fake super heroes or pop stars that are on the Strip with a tip jar, it’s also young performers that create percussion out of anything our violinists trying to get some spare change. That may not seem so bad, but who should or shouldn’t be allowed to perform on the strip?

The debate is ongoing but perhaps one day someone can come to a conclusion.

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