Unhealthy foods are faster, Cheaper, and way more tempting, so it’s no wonder why Americans are having a hard time maintaining healthy diets. We all know that easier isn’t always better, especially when it puts our lives on the line, but what if I told you there was a way to eat healthier, without even noticing it!

Stores like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Fresh and Easy, are spread across the Vegas Valley and here to help. Replacing foods in your home with organic options are such a simple and easy way to slowly transition from processed foods to real foods.

Your goal should never be to go on a diet or drastically change the way you live. A lot of people get deterred from eating healthy because they feel that it’s all or nothing. They feel that they cant have candy or burgers anymore if they want to start eating healthy, but you can have it all, just in moderation. In Prevention magazine, they give 23 tips on how to eat cleaner. They give you examples of foods, your first option which is always the healthier, and then give a second option which is less healthy but still a great alternative to processed and fast foods.

Health.org is also a great site to visit if you are looking to still habitually have and eat the same as you do now, but substituting the foods for healthier options. They have a long list of ingredients/foods such as ice cream, and meat, and then they give you their ideas for lower-calorie alternatives like sorbets and leaner meats.

It is also important to remember why you are making the switch from processed to organic. Being healthy should be your number one priority, and the benefits for your body from eating organic are endless. If you are interested and excited about learning how organic foods can better your life, read up about all the benefits on the Organic Consumers Association website. They do a great job of detailing how amazing organic alternatives will be for you health.

Watch my video on how I made the switch, and hopefully get new ideas for your home!