Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor is a helpful tool for bloggers and artists who want to bring their photography to the next level. By using simple adjustments, photographers are able to enhance colors, define lines, and adjust shadows and highlights in order to really make the contents of a photograph POP! By using just a few straightforward edits, even the most inexperienced Photoshop user can improve the quality of his or her photographs.

The first step in editing a photo is to just adjust the size. Making the photograph a smaller file size will reduce the time it takes to save and upload to your computer and photo-hosting sites like Flickr or Facebook. It is important to constrain the proportions of the photograph so that it doesn’t get distorted and ruin the image. The second step is to crop the image: by cutting out excess background image, you can bring the viewer’s attention to what you think is most important in the photograph. Too much border or empty space in a photograph can be distracting and might steer the viewer’s gaze away from the most interesting content in the frame.

After adjusting the size and cropping your image, you can begin playing with the brightness and contrast. These tools adjust the lighting in the photograph so that the dark and light areas become more distinct. This helps to define the content of the image using color. Adjusting the shadows and highlights will also create definition by lightening the dark areas, and darkening the light areas. (For a more specific definition of brightness versus contrast, see these examples.)

After playing with brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows, you can adjust the hue and saturation. These will adjust the colors of the photograph by making them richer or more subdued. Increasing the saturation will deepen the colors, while decreasing saturation will bring the photograph closer and closer to grayscale.

The last step to editing your photo is adjusting the sharpness. Try not to go sharpness-crazy, as this will make your photograph look unnaturally defined. A slight increase in sharpness will define edges and lines in your picture, but too much sharpness will increase the graininess.

Voila! Congratulations on learning how to do a quick and easy edit.

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