Although Twitter is a very user-friendly site, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate for a new user.  This simple, short video runs through the basics of Twitter, which is becoming a formidable player in the social media game.

It is important for journalists to be able to use Twitter and to keep up with new technology that is being introduced, because it helps them to connect with their audiences.  In 10 ways Twitter is Valuable to Journalists, Steve Buttry says that Twitter can connect journalists to people that they may want to interview, like someone who just tweeted about being in a plane crash.

Social media has become a vital part of communication in the modern age, and in order for journalists to communicate with their audiences, and in turn, allow audiences to connect with journalists, journalists must have a Twitter account and be familiar with how to use it.

Buttry’s article discusses all the different ways that people use Twitter to communicate, whether it to be to express their concern about an earthquake or to complain about parking.  This is a potential goldmine for journalists, who can use these tweets to craft a story or to find people to interview.  Twitter connects journalists to sources in ways that were never thought possible before.

Anyone can find a how-to video about basically anything on YouTube, and journalists can check out my simple video on the basics of Twitter to try and become familiar with a platform that I, myself, was fumbling around on just a few short weeks ago.  Twitter is here, it is an important form of social media, and it is not going away.  Because of this, it is important for journalists to be able to understand and use it effectively.

You can check out my video here: