imagesCoffee is an essential part of the college experience, a much-needed pick-me-up before we head into our midterms or give that much-dreaded oral presentation. And as UNLV students we often thank the coffee gods that we have a Starbucks right on campus. But there are only so many Caramel Macchiatos you can order before getting bored of the same old drink. And so, for the college student tired of their usual order at Starbucks, the one that is starting to carry the bitter taste of $5 monotony, I present to you the secret menu of Starbucks. These are a series of drinks not on the public menu that will liven up your taste buds while giving you your coffee fix. So be courageous, and try one   of these hidden gems.

  • “The Red Eye” – This drink is almost tailor made for finals week. It is a black coffee infused with a shot of espresso served either hot or cold. Named after flights that run through the middle of the night, this drink’s main goal is to keep you up until you arrive at your final destination, or until you turn in your exam. And if you are looking to boost yourself up a few more watts, try the somewhat dangerous sounding drink “The Black Eye,” which includes two shots of espresso, though you may want to stick to a tall size on that one.
  • “Thin Mint Frappuccino” – Is your mouth watering already? Well it should be! The original blended favorite joins forces with the flavors of America’s favorite Girl Scout Cookie: The Thin Mint. Though the recipe is still under wraps, the drink is all over social media and specialty food blogs. Many say beyond mint and chocolate is the additive of honey and chai. Well whatever is in it, I’m a fan! And I must say from personal experience that there is nothing better in the summer than the delicious combination of refreshing mint with chilled chocolate. I salute you “Thin Mint Frappuccino”!
  • “Spiced Apple Chai” – This drink reminds me of the fall and when I drink it I swear I can hear the bustle of leaves crunch underneath my shoes (wishful thinking since we’re still in the dead of summer). The taste of apple, cinnamon and caramel run wild in this beverage that can be served hot or cold. Chai is a favorite among many Starbucks lovers, but this drink adds an ingredient that is a favorite among the kiddies: apple juice. It is slightly sweeter than the typical iced chai latte and tastes amazing with added whip cream.
  • “Peach Ring Tea” – Iced tea is a staple in the summertime and there is no better way to liven the drink than fresh fruit. “Peach Ring Tea,” which boasts a taste similar to the peach candies found in our grandmother’s purse, is a combination of passion tea, orange refresher and peach syrup. It’s a drink that will compliment your poolside activities or at least make you think you’re at the pool when sitting in a classroom all summer long.

These are just a few of my favorites that I’ve tried and there are quite a bit more, so get to googling and you’ll find a new twist on one of your usual orders. I detailed how to order these drinks and what they taste/look like in my latest video posted below.