Having a blog is essential in the digital age. However, starting a blog can intimidate most people. They might not know how or where to start. Creating a blog is an easy process all just have to know are a few essential things to get started.

Since you already know that you want to start a blog you should make sure you have an idea about what you want to write about. It should be something you are passionate about and know about. Remember you want to blog as often as possible, so be interested in your blog subject.

Once you have established the focus of your blog, you need to find a blogging platform. You can choose a free site such as blogger.com or wordpress.com. If you decide on a free site you will be limited on the themes and designs of your blog site. You also have limited control of your blog and if you choose to try and make money off your blog you will not have that ability on a free site according to blogger Mike Wallagher. If a free site isn’t for you. You can choose a self-hosted site like wordpress.org. You pay a small fee of less than $10 for a hosting site and with that you get creative freedom of your blog.

After finding a platform you will want to customize your blog. For example wordpress.org has over 200 themes you can choose from. The theme and customization of your blog should be a reflection of who you are as a person. While you want the theme to be creative you do not want to make the design to make it too complicated and hard to navigate.

Finally with all the design elements in place you can write your first blog post.  This your introduction to the blogging world so have fun with it.

If you still need help establishing a blog the internet is a great place to research. I also have posted a user friendly youtube video on the basics of starting a blog.