Remember Dorothy, the main character of the 1930s film The Wizard of Oz‘s excited expression when her and the scarecrow came upon the apple orchard after walking for many miles? That expression was mirrored by the many people who visited Oak Glen, California.

Typically when one thinks of towns or cities to visit in California places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and even the vineyards in the north part of the state are what comes to mind, not an apple orchard that’s miles and hours away from any of those places. This town whose economy primarily thrives on revenue generated by this simple fruit began with a couple of family run apple orchards and has over the years evolved into several more. Though it’s initial purpose was to export apples, people began coming to them instead. Today hardly any apples are exported from Oak Glen at all. The town of over 600 people does in fact do well for itself financially with none of its residents living below the federal poverty line according the 2010 United States census.

So why does this town which is merely a compilation of apple orchards draw people in from all over the world? It could be any number of things that the thirty plus orchards or ranches in the area, each with a unique set of characteristics brings. Another draw could be the activities like creating your own apple cider or music performers. Or perhaps it’s the rare and almost extinct apple varieties that still continue to exist and thrive in this apple community and are used to create desserts like pie that you can get nowhere else. Whatever the main attraction is this place is indeed an attraction and a simple one at that. It doesn’t require lights and big shows like L.A. or even our own city to bring in a large amount of tourists. The photographs speak for themselves take a look and see for yourself. Oak Glen.

For more on Oak Glen visit this website.

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