Welcome to Las Vegas SignFrom thousands of drunken people, flashy lights and eye-catching attractions the Las Vegas strip is definitely the place to go for entertainment. Las Vegas natives do not even need to pay hundreds of dollars just to see a show for entertainment purposes because they can walk or drive down Las Vegas Blvd. on the strip and get all the entertainment they need.

Being a Las Vegas native, I rarely find myself enjoying the strip as much as I should. However, that changed last night when I sort of acted like a tourist in my own city for the night.

I did not exactly do the typical things a normal tourist would do nor did I want to. I did not want this post to be about the most popular attractions or the crowds of drunk people on the strip. Instead, I wanted the focus of my pictures to be about the unique signs and displays that are in the front of some of the hotels, casinos and various attractions around the strip.

Walking and driving along the strip, mostly along Las Vegas Blvd., I realized how gorgeous many of the displays are; even the big screen advertisements near the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino are eye-catching.Advertisement Las Vegas

I took pictures with my Canon EOS Rebel T5i and I think I captured many of the most popular and unique displays on the strip.

Overall, the strip is a great place to go just to even drive around to look at all of the displays outside of each casino and hotel. The different displays and signs look unreal. Even though I am somebody who does not go to the strip that often, I would recommend at least going to the strip once and focusing on the different signs that are outside of each hotel and casino. You’ll be surprised at what you see!

Want to see what hotel, casino and attraction displays I found the most interesting? Check out my Flickr Album for more photos!