Leading up to Green Valley Ranch Hotel and Casino

The District at GVR

Why shop the planet when you have the luxury of exploring the off-strip paradise located in the heart of Henderson?

The District at Green Valley Ranch offers a luxurious, yet less-crowded shopping, eating and family-friendly experience for people of all ages. With it’s renovations and remodeling in the past, the new and improved District thrives on being one of the first upscale-urban shopping centers in Henderson.

The once cobblestoned walkway that flowed through the center of the District like a river has transformed into a marble paved road, acting as a two-lane street with front-row parking to the various shops and restaurants within it. The copper S-like statue still proudly stands in the center of the District, splitting the road in two as it spills out onto the mouth of the Green Vally Ranch Hotel & Casino.

Covered chain linked fences line the entrances of two restaurants – Al’s Garage and Presidio – signifying that their time has come to an end. As well as white-plated windows that fog up a few vacant stores surrounding the area, only expressing that there is more to come.

Since 2004, the District has thrived on being a family-friendly place with shopping, eating, weekend/week night events, holiday events and more. Since it’s 10-year anniversary in April, the district has added more to their lineup to intrigue more families into their welcoming arms.

With 13 restaurants – including The Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Chang’s, Rachel’s Kitchen, Panera Bread and Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que – 17 fashionable boutiques – including Charming Charlie, Francesca’s Collections, Antrhopologie and Cold Water Creek – , four home furnishing shops, two outdoor and sporting stops, service amenities, specialty places, health and fitness areas, Whole Foods and everything in between, the District has become the finest one-stop-shop.

Aside from the shopping aspect, the District has added a Splash Pad for children – and adults – to enjoy during the hot summer months. With water spouting up from several locations on the spongy ground, children run, scream and frolic through the jumping water as if it was raining candy. Their squeals and chatter can be heard through out the Courtyard, where families gather to indulge in frozen yogurt from Josie’s, take part in summer concerts, attend a painting class at Color Me Mine, or feast at Lucille’s, Kings Fish House or the newly opened Oil and Vine. 

Outdoor Picture Shows on the Green include family favorites like Frozen and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 running from June through October every Saturday at 8 p.m. (September-October 7 p.m.). Stroller Strides Las Vegas holds fitness seminars every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for mothers to attend with their babies while working out with them to stay fit.

From now until August, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital of Las Vegas presents “Celebration of Life” sculpture displays in various places around the District with colorful artwork from various different donors around Las Vegas. This beautiful display attracts visitors with their vibrant color, artwork and superb message.

St. Jude "Celebration of Life" Sculpture

St. Jude “Celebration of Life” Sculpture

The District – along with it’s new improvements – will continue to serve the City of Henderson by being a family-friendly, healthy living, fashionable boutique and popular eatery to the community and all it’s visitors from around the country and Las Vegas.

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