Cimarron man playing and singing in Casco Viejo.

During May 20-28, I took a trip to Panama with my colleagues in the Global Entrepreneurship Program, a program I have been in since my freshman year of college. The requirements of the program are for students to have a high GPA, attend the GEE class every Friday and to travel abroad to study entrepreneurship in other cultures. Although keeping a high GPA can be stressful for any college student trying to balance work, school and a social life, and attending class every Friday afternoon may not be the most convenient, traveling abroad to study a different culture was definitely something I could handle.

I took several pictures during my trip. While choosing photos to share with my blog readers, I tried to pick the most aesthetically pleasing ones that also represented several of the people, places and things we saw while in Panama. I only have three pictures of people. I chose these three pictures because they represent the three different cultures of people we saw in Panama. The children sitting on the bench are native Panamanian children who live in a village of about 500 people where they make their living farming cocoa plants. The old man sitting on the bench playing a guitar is of African descent form w hen the Spanish brought slaves from West Africa to Panama, they are called Cimarrons. Many Cimarron people are seen in Panama City. The children sitting by the ocean are also native Panamanian children, but they have been more westernized from living in a more tourist driven part of the country, Bocas del Toro.

As for pictures of the scenery, I tried to hit the main parts of my trip which were visiting the Panama Canal, looking at the dam, visiting a coffee plantation, and exploring the islands of Bocas del Toro. I have hundreds of pictures from my trip but most of these pictures are probably only interesting to me because I was there and it is my memories. As a blogger, I need to take enough pictures to have options but also make sure not to post too many pictures so that I bore my readers. I want to post enough to give them information but not too much so that they stop looking at my blog because I over post. In my experience with following the blogs of my favorite writers, the only thing worse than not posting enough is posting too much.

Because I was traveling in a foreign country and we took several different flights I did not want to bring my large camera. I used my cell phone to take all of these photos and the quality of them turned out much better than I expected, especially after uploading them online. I have an iPhone 5s.