I am a very active person on social media. Active in terms of reading everything that everyone else posts. Yes I know it’s taking with no giving, but I never wanted to be the type to post all of my business for the whole world to see. That is especially true in photos. My social media sites of choice are Facebook and Twitter, sites that are not primarily photo driven like instagram, tumblr or flikr. So creating a Flikr was slightly traumatizing at first.

I take pictures all of the time, and enjoy doing it but I the majority of them are never posted. This was the perfect chance to post photos of my recent trip to California in a place called Oak Glen. It’s basically one large apple orchard that people from all over like to come and see especially during the fall months. On my visit to California my friend suggested going up there which I thought was strange. “Why drive an hour and fifteen minutes to see a bunch of apples?” was what was running through my mind the entire time. An hour and a half later I fell in love with a brand new place.

To someone who grew up in Southern Nevada his whole life, Oak Glen was another world entirely. Not only was it very green it was but it had so many element of the eastern United States that I previously had only heard of or saw when I was too young to remember. With so many different, colors, people and orchards I had now choice but to put my new Samsung Galaxy 4 camera to use!

The pictures featured on my Flikr page feautre many of the mountain regions we stopped at on the way and the “towns” that were set up all around as well and of course PIE!!! Enjoy the pictures!


Check Out Oak Glen:

Oak Glen

More Oak Glen

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