Blogging has expanded into a huge part of the online space and has attracted a wide variety of people. Everyone from those with no computer experience to tech savvy writers can learn to access free blog spaces and express themselves in nearly anyway possible.

While its easy to get lost in this new world of blogging and make mistakes, it won’t take long to get up and running. In my video, ‘Basic WordPress Blog Tutorial’, I go over what it will take to get your blog looking unique and fitting your personality. Most importantly, it will get you on your way to blogging! That’s why we’re here right?

First off, take some time to get to know WordPress and its interface. The most important section is your dashboard, where you will get to tweak and edit the layout of your blog as well as add new pages, posts and keep track of comments. Under your dashboard on the left side of your screen, you will notice several menus to choose from. To get started naming your blog, head to the settings menu. After you have a name for your new slice of the Internet, head over to Appearance>Themes and have a look around. You will see a number of styles to choose from to make your blog unique.

I’m sure most of you have other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, so why not start to link all of these profiles together! Anyone who reads your blog will be able to access your other social media (well, maybe you should consider if its a good idea to share these pages!). If you host a professional social media page, its a must to add it to your blog!. To do this, head to the Dashboard, then Appearance>Widgets. Here you can add links to your sites as well as some other cool things, like an RSS feed or a way to keep track of and reward top commenters on your blog.

This should get you started on your way to blogging, so stop reading and start creating so YOU can start writing!