Shot with a Canon 60D by Gabriel Lapuz

For UNLV college students, school has been out for almost two months now. I remember seeing tweets and “#throwbackthursday” Instagram photos of what peers were planning to do for the break. These lasted for a month, but started to dissipate. Is it because we’re getting older and summer spirit just isn’t there anymore? Hell no. The “breaks” are the best parts of our college years. The truth is, temperatures are getting higher each day and everyday “summer activities” are getting less interesting. Well, at least in Las Vegas. One can only go to so many night and pool clubs, hike and shop before it gets repetitive. If you’re a Las Vegas native like me, then you understand that the strip has nothing else to offer. Las Vegas offers great things to do for tourists. For a list, please visit The things named in that list are activities we’ve done our entire life. We do them without even knowing that we’re doing them. Therefore, the next best thing is going to California. A beach to be more descriptive.

Shot with Canon 60D by Gabriel Lapuz.

The beach has everything to offer. The weather is usually perfect, there’s tons of people your age, activities range from kayaking to corn hole and it’s the perfect place to fall asleep. Well, unless you burn easily. If you do, then put on the highest SPF sunscreen and enjoy the day while you can. Because by tomorrow, you’ll still look like a lobster. Even though there are several things to do at the beach, that isn’t the reason why we love it so much. The beach has a stigma of being a relaxing and perfect getaway. People instantly become more relaxed by the thought of it. The beach is even healthy for you! No, seriously. According to, “sea water is a miracle treatment for acne and semi-permanent scars, heals cuts and sores and acts as a natural shampoo.” At the same time, you’re getting tons of Vitamin D from the sun, decreasing your stress levels and helping rheumatoid arthritis. Above all, all those beach activities are fun ways of exercising!

The most important thing about going to a beach is getting away from the high heat temperatures in Las Vegas. Every summer we hear about hazards and risks of heat exhaustion and heat strokes. People normally brush these warnings off. I’m especially guilty of it. What people don’t know is that heat exhaustion and strokes lead to several deaths a year. According to, “Heat waves will kill about ten times more people than they did at the turn of this century.” This is a huge problem that keeps growing every year. As long as our ozone layer keeps disappearing, the weather temperatures will keep rising. So next time you’re bored in Las Vegas, do what’s best for you. Educate yourselves on heat stroke and exhaustion symptoms by visiting For extra information on how to stay cool this summer, please visit

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